Fighting Poor
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Incredible
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 40
Karma 52
Resources Excellent
Popularity -10




Anti-Gravity Disks: The Wizard uses anti-gavity disks of his own design as weapons. He throws them with Excellent agility, and the disks adhere with Monstrous strength paste. Any target struck by a disk floats upward at a rate of ten feet per round, unless its fastened to something solid.
Flight: The Wizard wears an anti-gravity disk on his costume. This allows him to fly at Typical air speed.
Power Gloves: The Wizard developed a pair of power gloves that grant him the following powers:
They raise his strength to Excellent.
They can fire an electron-beam causing Incredible energy damage at a 4 area range.
They can generate a Remarkable strength Force Field.


Physics, Sub-atomic particles, Electronics, Engineering




The man who would be the Wizard grew up possessing near-superhuman levels of genius, and as an adult, became an inventor of great reknown, selling his inventions to the wealthy and becoming quite rich. He became known as the Wizard by taking this stage name, using his advanced scientific inventions to perform feats of “magic.”

Intellectually bored, however, he decided to defeat Johnny Storm, who had just appeared to the world as the Human Torch. Pretending to be a victim, he was rescued by the Torch and invited him to his hi-tech, futuristic mansion where he captured the Torch with ease. The Wizard then impersonated the Torch, going on a crime spree to destroy his reputation before being captured himself by the Fantastic Four and sent to prision.

Since then, the Wizard has set his sights on revenge against the Torch and the FF, at times forming and leading the Frightful Four. He has been sent to prison (and later, the Vault) many times, at one point teaming up with the Plantman to escape and running into a conflict with the Avengers. He was also broken out of prision by Loki to join the rest of his assembled villains organizing the “Acts of Vengence,” but he was sorely defeated.

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