Will O’ The Wisp

Will O’ The Wisp
Jackson Arvad

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Incredible
Endurance Incredible
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 130
Karma 50
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Density Manipulation-Self: He can range his Density between Shift-0 (Intangible) to Amazing. With this ability he has gained the following power stunts:
Flight: At Shift-0 Density he can fly at up to Typical Airspeed
Invulnerability to Physical Attack: At Shift-0 Density he cannot be touched by Physical Damage. Energy Damage can still affect him, but at -3CS. Psionics and Magic affect him normally.
Body Armor: He gains Body Armor equal to his Density Rank up to Amazing for Physical and
Energy Protection. He can vary the Density of different parts of his body, allowing him to solidify parts while the rest remains intangible.
Hypnosis: Remarkable ability to mesmerize an individual when using his abilities, due to the sparkling lights that accompany his powers. The Intensity of the lights vary depending on the level of his power he is using. At full power the Intensity is Excellent and it is difficult to see him through the lights.


Electromagnetic Engineering.




Jackson Arvad, the chief scientist for electromagnetic research at the Brand Corporation, was turned into the energy being called Will O’ The Wisp during an accident at his laboratory. After escaping from the lab, where he was left to die by his employer, James Melvin, in his new electromagnetic state, he contacted Dr. Jonas Harrow, in order to be cured of his deteriorating condition. Harrow, implanted a receptor onto his skull, which on the surface would allow Wisp to maintain his physical integrity, but really would allow Harrow to control the energy being. After using Wisp for his own criminal ends, Wisp revolted, and was punished by Harrow for doing so by being dissipated by the implanted receptor. Some time later, Wisp returned and, by taking control of the battlesuit of the Killer Shrike, kidnapped Dr. Marla Madison and brought her to his old lab. There, he regained his corporeal form, destroyed the laboratory, and escaped. Afterwards, he tracked down Melvin, and, rather than killing his old boss, turned him in to the authorities and forced him to spill the beans on many of the Brand Corporation’s illicit activities. He later met up with Spider-Man, who had confronted Wisp many times before, and actually teamed up with him and other allies of the web-slinger to form the Outlaws. Wisp joined them on a mission or two, and then departed.

After a considerable hiatus from action, Will O’ The Wisp returned in the aftermath of the Spider-Man “Clone Saga.” Upon his return, he confronted Spider-Man, but because it was not the Spider-Man of old, Spider-Man at first did not know of Wisp’s intentions. Fortunately, he learned about him and agreed to help Wisp lose the receptor that Jonas Harrow implanted in Wisp years before. After a battle with one of Harrow’s flunkies, the Dragon Man, the trio succeeded in turning the tables on their foe, and Wisp succeeded in destroying the implant, freeing himself from Harrow’s control, allowing him to once again, be his own man.

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