Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Feeble
Intuition Good
Psyche Incredible

Health 225
Karma 52
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity -50


Tracking: Excellent in the wilderness
Invulnerability: Wendigo is invulnerable to Cold and Disease.
Enhanced senses: Amazing hearing and smell
Claws: Monstrous edged damage. Amazing material strength
Fangs: Incredible material strength and damage.
Body Resistance: Amazing to physical and energy
Regeneration: Remarkable
Running: Excellent land speed
Telepathy: Good, one wendigo showed a minor talent in psionics.
Curse: Any who eat flesh of humanity in the northern canadian wood assumes the identity of Wendigo. it is a curse and can be transferred, but only by real magic.






Any person performing cannibalism while in the Canadian wilderness succumbs to the Curse of the Wendigo, transforming into this beast and compelled to rampage, killing and eating anyone it comes across.

One such person was a hunter named Paul Cartier, who in a moment of insanity, cannibalized his dead friend Henri Culzot on a hunting trip gone bad. Cartier turned into a Wendigo, trapping his other friend, Georges Baptiste, to eat later. Somehow, the wandering, intelligent Hulk heard a telepathic cry of Cartier as Wendigo, befriended Cartier’s sister, Marie, freed Baptiste, and fought the Wendigo, who ultimately escaped.

Later, while wandering Canada again, the Hulk was captured by Marie and Baptiste, who hoped to mystically transfer the Wendigo curse to the already “cursed” Hulk. Wolverine, sent to fight Hulk, ended up joining Hulk in fighting the Wendigo. Baptiste did not want to let the innocent Banner suffer as the Wendigo, and completed the ritual to free his friend, transferring the curse on himself. While Hulk was battling Wolverine, the new Wendigo fled.

He resurfaced again in the Hudson Bay area, and Alpha Flight responded to stop the monster’s rampage. They were joined by Wolverine and his new X-men friend Nightcrawler. They defeated the Wendigo, and Shaman mystically removed the curse from Baptiste, who was arrested for his crimes as Wendigo.

Later, a fur trapper Francois Lartigue succumbed to the curse, being trapped in a cabin by a blizzard, murdering and eating his friends. He was tracked down and stopped by Sasquatch, with aid from the still-wandering Hulk, and was returned to Shaman who removed the curse as before.

Spider-Man and Wolverine investigated some bizarre murders in the North, to discover a new Wendigo was responsible. Although he was defeated, the identity of this new Wendigo remains yet to be revealed, as with his latest activities.

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