Guy Gardner

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Typical
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Unearthly

Health 290
Karma 136
Resources Excellent
Popularity 30


Weapons Morphing: This is a very specialized form of Shapeshifting. Warrior can create any type of small to medium sized weapon at any location on his body. Anything from small blades to large energy cannons can be created. This power functions at the Unearthly rank. No weapon can exceed Unearthly rank in range and damage.
Armor Skin: Warrior can morph metallic armor in response to an attack. The maximum limit to this power is Unearthly rank. This ability functions automatically, providing armor at equal rank to the intensity of the attack. Guy can morph armor ahead of time if he so chooses.
Body Resistance: Remarkable rank. This power is only in effect when Warrior has not morphed armor.
Martial Arts Supremacy: Warrior can access the battle knowledge of the ancient Vuldarians. This power functions at the Amazing level, increasing Guy’s Fighting rank to Unearthly. This power applies to Martial Arts A, B, C, D, and E.
Energy Sponge: In Vuldarian form, Warrior can absorb and store energy at the Cl1000 level. He uses this energy as a reserve for his other powers. All of Warriors powers tap this reserve. It begins at 1000 points. Each time Warrior morphs a weapon or armor, it costs the power rank number in points from his energy reserve. Should this reserve ever be depleated, Guy will revert to human form instantly and be unable to use any of his powers. He can replenish his energy reserve at 30 points per day provided he gets normal rest and does not engage in combat.
Regeneration: Warrior’s Vuldarian physiology enables rapid healing. Guy regenerates damage at Unearthly rank, recovering 10 Health points per round.
Self Revival: In addition to rapid healing, Warrior’s Vuldarian physiology can repair fatal damage and restore him to life. Upon reaching 0 Health, Warrior will begin regenerating damage. This power functions at Unearthly rank.
Resistance to Toxins: Warrior has Unearthly rank resistance to poisonous substances, including alcohol. He cannot get drunk in a conventional manner.
Growth – Atomic Gain: Poor rank. In Vuldarian form, Warrior can grow up to 9 feet in height. He recieves a +1CS to Strength, and his larger size provides opponents a +1CS to hit in combat.
Resistance to Mental Attacks: Warrior is mentally linked to Veronna, leader of the warrior women from the Nabba jungle. Warrior recieves a +1 CS bonus against mental attacks when Veronna is within 50 yards.
Alter Ego: Guy Gardner is a human/Vuldarian hybrid. He can assume the form of a Vuldarian warrior. Red and blue markings appear on his face and torso. Remaining in this form for prolonged periods causes a strain on Guys’ system. It costs an Endurance rank (Unearthly) in points per day to remain “powered up”. All his other powers are only usable in Vuldarian form. His abilities increase to the levels indicated however his human form has the following stats:
Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Monstrous

Health 110
Karma 101


Cyber-Reality Inducer: This mysterious quasi-mystical device is of ancient Vuldarian origin. It enables Warrior to access directly the knowledge of the ancient Vuldarians. The spirit of Cardone, Guy’s direct Vuldarian ancestor, often uses it to communicate with him.


Teaching, Resist Domination, Guns, Weaponmaster: Power Ring, Language – Interlac, Marksman, Athletics, Military, Martial Arts A B


Justice League of America, Buck Wargo and the Monster Hunters, New York City Police Department, Steel, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold


Long before the Green Lantern Corps patrolled the vastness of space, the Vuldarians were protecting other worlds from conquest. They were defeated in a great war with their arch-foes, the Tormocks. The ancient Vuldarian suriviors settled on Earth before the rise of civilization. They interbred with primitive man in order to carry on their race. The first attempt was a failure, creating the monster called Dementor. Centuries later, the end result of this cross breeding manifested in Guy Gardner.

Guy was born in Baltimore, the youngest son in a dysfunctional family. After graduating college he moved out to California and became a social worker.

When Abin Sur’s starship crashed, he commanded his power ring to seek out a worthy successor to replace him as Green Lantern. The ring found two candidates, a jet test pilot named Hal Jordan, and Guy Gardner. Jordan was chosen because of his closer proximity to the crash site. Guy was selected to be Jordan’s replacement. Guy eventually became a full fledged Green Lantern, but was injured and fell into a coma.

Guy was revived from his coma by the Guardians of the Universe to aid them in the Great Crisis. Afterwards, Guy joined the Justice League International. He was ejected from the Green Lantern Corps after a fight with Hal, who had become his bitter rival. He then obtained the golden power ring of Sinestro, continuing to serve in the Justice League.

Guy’s gold ring was destroyed in battle with Hal Jordan, who had become the villian Parallax. In the wake of this disaster, Guy travelled to South America’s Nabba jungle. He befriended Buck Wargo and the Monster Hunters, who aided Guy in his quest for the legendary “Warrior waters”. It was here that Guy discovered his true heritage as the last Vuldarian and obtained new powers.

Guy was severly injured in the recent Imperiex War and believed dead. In fact, he was briefly imprisoned in a small pocket of Hell called the Gorge. He has since returned, less than pleased with the fact that none of Earth’s heroes attempted to look for him in the wake of the war.

Guy has since lost his Vuldarian powers and has re-acquired a Green Lantern power ring.

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