Adrian Toomes

Fighting Typical
Agility Amazing
Strength Incredible
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Typical

Health 136
Karma 36
Resources Typical
Popularity -10




Electromagnetic Harness: Amazing material

Winged Flight: Shift-X airspeed
Razor Wing: Incredible Edge, may block up to Excellent damage
Body Resistance: Provides Good protection from physical and energy damage.
Raises Strength: +4CS
Raises Endurance: +4CS
Raises Agility: +5CS
Vultures stats when not wearing his suit are:
Fighting Typical
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Typical
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Typical

Health 24
Karma 36


Engineering, Repair/Tinkering


Sinister Six, Sinister Seven


For much of Adrian Toomes criminal career the viilain known as the Vulture has been obsessed with two things; Revenge and Death(his own that is). Toomes’s career as a criminal began when he discovered his then partner Gregory Bestman, in the egineering firm of Bestman & Toomes, had been cheating him out of his share of the profits. The elderly Toomes confronted Bestman and found he posessed incredible strength. Toomes had already begun work on his now infamous electromagnetic flying harness and discovered that exposure to its unique raditation had granted him super-human strength.

Bestman threw Toomes out of the company. Enraged, the elderly inventor took his creation with him, to perfect it as a weapon against his former partner. Dubbing himself the Vulture, Toomes ransacked his former company, robbing the place blind. Intoxicated with his newfound power and the ease with which he comitted his crime, the Vulture went on a wild crime spree, daring the police to catch him. This brought him into conntact with Spider-Man, who cleverly defeated his winged foe.

From this point the perpetually at deaths door. Most were false alarms, but they lead to some riddiculous capers. But recently the Vulture learned that the prolonged use of his harness had given him inoperable cancer. Toomes then decided none of his enemies would out live him, so he killed all of them he could, failing with only Spider-Man.

Toomes’s desparation for a cure led him to team with the Chameleon, who was in the midst of a plan, concocted by the Green Goblin, to avenge Kraven’s death (enough villain overlap for you). Over the course of these invents the Vulture found himself rejuvenated, the cancer gone from his system and his youth restored. As a result Toomes has updated his costume to a suit of battle-armor, complete with a host of new weapons. The “new” Vulture has proven to be even more short-tempered, cruel and dangerous than the “old”. He most recently joined the Sinister Seven (a reorganized version of his former team the Sinister Six) in their attempt to kill the villain slaying Kaine.

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