Identity: Marsha Rosenburg

Fighting Typical
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 42
Karma 30
Resources Good
Popularity 5

Body Transformation: Energy/Plasma: Volcana can transform her body into a fiery plasma state. Materials of Amazing strength or less will melt on contact with her, and weapons striking her made of Amazing ranked materials or less will melt, causing her no damage. Anyone who touches her plasma-body suffers Amazing fire damage, and her unarmed strikes inflict Amazing fire damage. When transformed she possesses the following ability ranks.

Fighting Excellent
Agility Incredible
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable

Health 110

Volcana can shoot thermal blasts which cause up to Unearthly energy/fire damage at a range of up to 10 areas.
Body Transformation: Semisolid/Ash: Volcana can transform her body into something resembling volcanic ash. This form provides her with the following abilities:

Excellent protection from physical and energy attacks.
Elongation at Excellent rank (she may stretch her body parts up to 60 feet).
By reducing her solidity, she can flow through miniscule openings with Good ability.

Body Transformation: Solid/Stone: Volcana can transform her body into a material resembling volcanic rock. This form provides her with the following abilities:

Her Strength and Endurance both rise to Incredible, and her Health goes up to 106.
Her rocky form provides Incredible protection from physical and energy attacks.

Fire Resistance: Volcana has Unearthly resistance to heat and fire.






Rosenberg was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and was a resident there when the extra-demensional being known as the Beyonder used part of her suburb to create a “Battleworld” for the so-called “Secret Wars.” She and her friend (who would become Titania II) were contacted by Doctor Doom and agreed to allow Doom to make them into superhumans. Thus empowered, they were added to the ranks of assembled criminals. She came to met Owen Reese, the Molecule Man, and frequently jumped to his defence since he was perceived as such an underdog. Their romantic involvement soon followed.

When the Molecule Man attempted to use his powers to return Denver to Earth, the Enchantress tried to use Volcana’s life force to return to Asgard as part of a debt the couple owed the Enchantress for her previous help. Molecule Man stopped her and remained with Volcana once back on Earth.

Later, when the Beyonder returned to Earth in bodily form, Volcana was able to save Molecule Man’s life (who, panicking, attacked the Beyonder,) by appearing to switch loyalities away from her lover. Reese collapsed into a trance, and the Beyonder left him alone. Volcana was also responsible for bringing other superhuman teams in to fight the Beyonder, and ultimately for bringing Reese along as well– who eventually defeated the Beyonder and helped reconstruct the world from the battle scars.

Molecule Man pretended to be drained of power in order to settle into a peaceful life with Rosenberg, but was soon confronted by the being known as Kubik, who professed that Reese’s powers stemmed from similar energies contained by the omnipotent cosmic cubes. Kubik proceeded to strip Molecule Man of this energy, even though Molecule Man hid a fraction of this power in Rosenberg’s body. Reese was seemingly killed in this confrontation.

Devastated by the apparent loss of her love, Rosenberg went through life as normal, until she was stalked by the organization AIM, who detected the residual energies in her. By sending superhumans to attack her, she exhibited strange new powers to her volcanic form.

Volcana soon stumbled upon Reese, living in squalor at his old apartment. He knew he was powerless and felt it better to live in anonymity than to have nothing to offer his true love. Before they could make up, AIM (through the agent Klaw) attacked the two. Seeing Volcana’s new powers, Reese realized his “hidden potential” and took the power back into himself, presumably leaving Volcana with only her plasma form once again. Molecule Man defeated Klaw with malicious ease, but Volcana would not return to him, seeing him as bully and too dependant on his power to attempt to try a relationship.

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