Identity: Victor Shade

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Amazing
Endurance Incredible
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Good
Psyche Remarkable

Health 140
Karma 70
Resources Poor
Popularity 30

Density Manipulation-Self: Unearthly, The normal density is Good rank, at densities above Good, the Vision gains body armor equal to the density rank. At densities above Incredible he suffers a -1CS to Fighting and Agility. At densities above Amazing he may use the density rank as strength. At Unearthly density the Vision cannot move. Power stunts:

Phase through solid objects at Shift-0 density
Flight at Shift-0 density, Poor speed.
Disrupting living or non-living targets by solidifying inside them. Damage inflicted is equal to the visions density rank and body armor is ignored. At ranks above Amazing Vision himself suffers Amazing damage. After many uses of this stunt Vision can now yuse this stunt with little risk of accidental killing the target.

Life Support: Incredible, no need to eat or breathe.
Solar Beams: Remarkable damage (8 areas) from the jewel in his forehead.
Solar Regeneration: Amazing unless he has no access to solar or laser energy.




Avengers, Scarlet Witch


The synthezoid Vision was created by the robot Ultron out of the time-displaced body of the original (Golden Age) Human Torch as well as the brain patterns of Wonder Man, who was thought to be deceased. Ultron sent Vision to attack the Avengers, but overcame Ultron’s control and saved the Avengers from Ultron’s trap. He remained with the Avengers ever since, being soon voted in as a member. As an Avenger, he met and eventually married the mutant called Scarlet Witch. They remained Avengers for a long time, but eventually retired to New Jersey.

They were later impressed into service to fight Annihilus’ null-feild, which severely damaged the Vision’s brain, and began a long period of recuperation under the guidence of ISSAC, the Eternal’s supercomputer that maintained the entire moon of Titan, the Eternals’ base. After he “got better,” the Vision removed Ultron’s control cyrstal still embedded in his brain, which eventually allowed his “humanity” to develop further. Soon after, though, he attempted a long-range covert plan to take over all the computers on Earth and govern Earth,similar to ISSAC’s role on Titan. Although his motives were pure in intent, he eventually regained his better judgement and relinquished what control he had amassed.

The couple retired from duty once again, and the Scarlet Witch used a mixture of magic and her probability-manipulating powers to allow the couple to be able to bear children, and she gave birth to twins. Later, their house was burned by anti-mutant protestors, and the Vision and his family re-joined the Avengers in their West Coast branch.

Seeing this, a coalition of the world’s governments gathered together to make sure that the Vision would not attempt global take-over again. Using the Avenger Mockingbird as a pawn, they eventually captured, dissassembled, and erased the memory of the Vision. The Avengers freed the Vision’s parts, scientist Hank Pym re-assembled him, and they all discovered a time-displaced duplicate of the real Human Torch (at this point, the Avengers believed Vision to be constructed of the Human Torch’s spare parts.) Unfortunately, Vision’s damaged synthetic skin remained bleached white, and although he could be reprogrammed with memories, Wonder Man refused to relinquish his brain patterns for emulation. The now-emotionless Vision became an Avenger again, although his relationship with the Scarlet Witch would never be the same.

Later, after experiencing key system failures, the Vision saught the aid of Miles Lipton, a researching in the field of artificial intelligence. Dr. Lipton believed that without human brain patterns, the Vision’s positronic brain would continue to malfunction. Dr. Lipton gave Vision the patterns of Alexander Lipton, his deceased son. The Vision did indeed seem to develop his more “human” qualities that everyone believed lost.

Later still, during seveal attacks on the Avengers by the group called the Gatherers, the villain named Proctor allowed an extra-demensional alternate Vision swap bodies with our Vision in order to infiltrate the Avengers. This alternate Vision was killed (in the bleached Vision’s body,) giving the Vision once again into a red-skinned synthezoid body.

The Vision was among the heroes who sacrificed themselves to absorb the energies of the being Onslaught, and was shunted to a sub-universe. When that universe was destroyed, the Vision returned with his teammates and in a body closely resembling his orginal. Soon after, the Vision was among the Avengers who faught the villain Morgan Le Fey. Morgan destroyed the lower half of Vision’s body before she was ultimately defeated, and the Vision began a long recovery to repair the massive trauma, occaisonally helping the Avengers via a holographic projection. During this time, the Vision neglected to pursue a relationship with his former wife, the Scarlet Witch, even though he had begun to feel love for her again.

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