Alton Vibreaux

Fighting Poor
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Typical
Reason Poor
Intuition Typical
Psyche Poor

Health 26
Karma 14
Resources Poor
Popularity -5


Seismic Waves: Vibro can somehow direct the pressures along fault lines into vibrating pulses through his arms. These attacks are considered to be Amazing rank Force blasts at a range of 15 areas. As an established Power Stunt, he can affect a living body, delivering Good Force damage and compelling the target to shake uncontrollably until a successful Endurance FEAT roll is made against Excellent intensity. Each round the shaking continues, the victim takes Typical damage.
Force Screens: Vibro can cause vibrational defense screens to protect himself with Good resistance against Energy attacks, and Remarkable protection against physical attacks. He can combine this power with his Seismic Waves, reducing his chance to hit by – 1CS but requiring the target to make a Power FEAT against Amazing intensity resistance to close on Vibro.


Vibro is dependent upon fault lines for his powers. If he is more than 50 miles from a powerful geological fault, his powers are reduced one rank. If he is isolated from the Earth, Vibro has no powers whatsoever.






Vibreaux was born in New Orleans and later became a competant geologist, eventually creating a magnetic harness which could measure pressures in fault lines from the inside. Unfortunately, his hireling, Franklin Fortney, disliked and resented the timid Vibreaux, and pressured him into using his magnetic harness in a highly risky experiment. The experiment failed, causing an earthquake and for Vibreaux to fall inside the fault crevice. Somehow, Vibreaux was presumed to be shunted into an alternate universe, where he emerged disfigured, mentally imparied, and yet powerful.

He attacked his former partner and wound up battling Iron Man (James Rhodes) several times, developing a grudge against the hi-tech hero. Recently, during a massive prison break-out by many supervillains, Vibro was rounded up by Captain America (as the Captain) and seveal of his sidekicks including Nomad. When battling Vibro, Nomad allowed him to fall from a great hieght, presumably to his death, although no body was found.

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