Identity: Michael Badilino

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Incredible
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 150
Karma 36
Resources Typical
Popularity -5

Invulnerability: Vengeance has Class 1000 resistance to Fire, Heat and Toxins
Hellfire Blasts: Vengeance is able to fire blasts of the Amazing mystical Hellfire Energy. This energy is mystical in nature.
Shoulder Spikes: Vengeance is able to detach the spikes growing out of his shoulder and hurl them at opponents for Incredible edged damage. These spikes re-grow at the rate of 1 per round
Penance Stare: If Vengeance successfully grapples someone for one round and forces the other to look into his eyes, it forces the victim to experience the pain he has inflicted on other. The victim must make a Psyche Feat roll or permanently loose 1 rank in Psyche. Additionally the victim must then make another Psyche Feat versus Amazing intensity or pass out for 1-100 rounds.

Hellfire Motorcycle: Vengeance rides a daemonic looking chopper that has the following abilities:

Control Speed Body Protection
Incredible Amazing Incredible None

Alter Ego: When in it’s earthly form it resembles a normal chopper.

Control Speed Body Protection
Typical Excellent Poor None

Mental Control: Vengeance can mentally control the bike from at most 10 areas distance
Self Revival : Tthe bike possesses a form of Immortality. It will begin to reform in two rounds after being destroyed
Self Sustenance: The bike has Sustenance and does not need gasoline to run.
Wallscrawling/Waterwalking: The motorcycle may travel in any direction so long as a surface is available.

Certain Mystical Attacks (like Hellfire), negate Vengeance’s Body Resistance


Motorcycle; Law Enforcement


Ghost Rider; Johhny Blaze; Midnight Sons, NYPD (Badilino only)


Little is known about Badilino’s youth except that his father had a run in with the original Ghost Rider, the idenity of Johnny Blaze. During his twenties, Badilino joined a special task force in the army but left to join the New York City police force. Eventually Badilino was promoted to lieutenant. Badilino’s life was going well until the re-appearance of a new Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch). Seeing Ghost Rider re-emergence as a need for revenge, Michael made an unholy deal with the demon known as Mephisto. Mephisto then transformed Michael into Vengeance, Ghost Rider’s “sometimes” evil opposite.

Upon receiving his powers, Vengeance waged war on both the new Ghost Rider and Blaze. Eventually, Vengeance was won over to the side of good when Ghost Rider was proven not to be the demon Zarathos, the one truly responsible for Badilino’s hatred. Later, at a time when Ghost Rider was believed dead, Vengeance took over the role as a new Ghost Rider.

Upon the return of Ghost Rider, Vengeance left New York and went to serve vengeance in new areas. Badilino re-joined a special governmental task force. One of their first missions was to free hostages from a terrorist threat. When they stopped the terrorists, Badilino was shocked to discover that the hostages had already been murdered prior to their arrival. Badilino, transforming into Vengeance, went insane and set out to kill anyone who had done but the smallest of sins. Vengeance’s actions were brought to the attention of Ghost Rider and Blaze, and they immediatly set out to show Vengeance the error of his ways or to destroy him. Vengeance, realizing that he was no better then the sinners he was after, blew himself up along with long-time enemy Anton Hellgate and his minions.

Badilino’s death meant that he was damned to hell for all eternity, were his punishment is eternal biting by the sting of scorpions. Vengeance was discovered by Dan Ketch and Naomi Kale while they were on a mission in hell. After being freed by Dan and Naomi, Vengeance aided Ghost Rider in destroying Mephisto’s son, Blackheart.

Presumably, Vengence remains free to continue meting vengence as he sees fit.

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