Vernon O’Valeron

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 290
Karma 250
Resources Typical
Popularity 30


Hyper-Energy Manipulation: Vartox has an incredible array of “Hyper” powers of psychic origin that supplies him with awesome power on the same level as Superman.
Energy Projection: Vartox can project various kinds of energy as beams with Unearthly intensity and range. Vartox emits this energy from his hands unless stated otherwise. At present these are the power stunts he has shown to date:
Kinetic Bolts: He is able to project kinetic bolts of brute force.
Heat Blast: He is able project pure heat from his eyes
Cold Generation: He is able to project highly concentrated beams of cold capable of freezing a target until they thaw out within the hour.
Energy Plazmoids: Vartox is able to launch energy bombs that he can control to explode within 10 rounds.
Liquefied beams: These beams convert solid inanimate matter into liquid.
Body Transformation-Energy: Vartox can convert his body into pure “Hyper-Energy”. Anyone in contact with his body suffers Shift-Z energy damage.
Phasing: This allows Vartox to pass through objects by creating a visible portal that he can travel through. He tends to create these portals to go through walls or rock without destroying them.
True Invulnerability: Vartox possesses Unearthly protection form all forms of damage excluding psionic and magical energy.
Hyperspeed: Vartox’s reactions are 50 times faster than normal. This provides Amazing Hyperspeed.
True Flight: Shift-Z airspeed in an atmosphere. This increases to Class 5000 in the depths of space.
Self Sustenance: Vartox can survive indefinitely without the need to consume air, water or food.
Enhance Senses: Vartox possesses several enhanced senses all ranked at Amazing. They are described below:
Hyper sensitive Hearing: He can detect extremely faint sounds and unusual frequencies. he can identify objects by the sound they emit.
Hyper sensitive Olfactory: He can detect the presence of minute traces of substances and identify them
Hyper sensitive Touch: He can detect extremely fine surface details and to identify materials by their surface feel.
Microscopic Vision: He is able to identify extremely minute targets, objects too small for normal vision to perceive.
Penetration Vision: He can see through solids as if it were looking through clear glass up to 100 feet.
Telecopic Vision: His eyes can focus on extremely distant targets, objects too far to for normal vision to see.
Thermal Vision: He can see infrared light and heat images allowing him to see in the dark and perceive temperature differences.
Ultravision: He is able to see ultra violet light. he can see clearly through fog and through water at a greater distance.
Telescopic Vision may be combined with other vision powers to greatly enhance their effective distance.
Telekinesis: Vartox is able to manipulate objects with the power of his mind alone. He can also perform the following power stunt:
Telekinetic Punch: By transfering kinetic energy from where he strikes to where the opponent at distance actually is Vartox is able to strike an object as if in close combat.
Mind Blast: Vartox can cannel psychic energy through the palms of his hands. When he places his fists on either side of his opponent’s head and opens his fists psychic energy beams lash out fromhis palms, firing the brains psynapsis, bypassing body armor. The opponent is able to make a Psyche FEAT roll vs Amazing power rank to avoid rank intensity or be KO’d for 1-10 rounds.
Precognition: Monstrous
Postcognition: Monstrous
Empathy: Broadcast empath of Incredible ability.
Illusion: Vartox is able to create realistic images that have apparent solidity with Unearthly ability. He often uses this power to make himself look like someone else or to project an image of himself somewhere else. These illusions possesses a visual and audio component.


Vartox’ ability to manipulate “Hyper-Energy” is a psychic in nature. By tapping into this energy field Vartox has reduced resistances to mind attacks recieving a -1CS to his defences and the attack gains +1CS in strength and effect.


Astro-Navigation, Detective


Superman, Lana Lang


Vartox was originally the energy-powered super hero of the planet Valeron. When Valeron exploded, Vartox made his way to Earth. On Earth he came into conflict with Superman and the two became enemies.

The shared experiences, of Valeron exploded as had Krypton forged a bond between Vartox and Superman with the two eventually becomming friends.

With Superman’s help, he adopted the secret identity of Vern O’Valeron and became an employee of WGBS as the chief of security.

He and Superman often talk together about the issues involved with being a superhero, having a secret identity, and the romantic difficulties that can result.

Vartox became involved romantically with Lana Lang that ended badly. As a result Vartox left the planet Earth looking for another world to live in and use his super-powers.

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