Telford Porter

Fighting Poor
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Poor
Psyche Good

Health 44
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity -10


Teleportation: Vanisher has the Unearthly mutant ability to teleport with no chance of accidently appearing within an obsitcle or wall etc. Holding onto Vanisher prevents him from teleporting. He may not teleport in any round he has sustained Good or more damage.


Vanisher carries an array of guns on his person. He may be found to have any standard gun at any time.


Electronics, Computers


Fallen Angels, Factor Three, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Enforcers, Designer Gene Corporation


Not much has been revealed about the Vanisher’s past prior to his first appearances using his teleportation power to commit a rash of crimes across the United States. Despite mis success at building a large criminal organization, attempting high-stakes espionage by stealing US defense plans, and joining Factor Three in order to ignite World War III, Vanisher was defeated by Prof. X and the X-men time and again.

Vanisher later tried to prove himself by trying to defeat the Champions, but his power was disrupted by the mutant Darkstar’s attempt to use her own version of teleporting to keep him in one place. Upon investigating the Vanisher, the X-man Nightcrawler somehow re-triggered Vanisher’s power, sending them both into another demension before managing to return to Earth and going their separate ways.

Most recently, Porter has shown up as “leader” of a rag-tag group of young mutant runaways calling themselves “the Fallen Angels.” He remains a leader in name only, as the mutant alien Ariel was the one who gathered the misfits together for her own species’ purposes of studying mutations. That, plus the fact that Porter would use the kids to steal for himself, and he would usually teleport away if any trouble even began to appear. Even so, Ariel’s plot was revealed, and the Angels managed to escape back to Earth. It is assumed that the Vanisher remains involved with the Angels to this day.

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