Identity: Pricilla Lyons

Fighting Typical
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 42
Karma 18
Resources Typical
Popularity 0




Acrobatics, Tumbling, Superhero Trivia, Martial Arts A E, Wrestling


D-Man, Falcon, Captain America


Priscilla was in Kentucky, hitchhiking to Miami to find her brother Phil, when she was picked up by Nomad. She expressed her fears that he had gotten involved with the drug-trade, and Nomad promised to help her, ultimately going undercover within the criminal organization of The Slug. When she didn’t hear from Nomad in three weeks, she called Captain America, converned for Jack’s safety. Cap and Nomad defeated the Slug, sending his yacht to the bottom of the sea.

Later, she and Jack would show up at D-Man’s mansion. Priscilla had adopted her vagabond costume, and wanted to be trained to fight crime; Nomad became very jealous when D-Man began to train her. D-Man, Falcon, Nomad, and Vagabond were to assist Steve Rogers in his Captain identity against the Serpent Society and a Vault breakout. Eventually the relationship between Vagabond and Nomad would end over her more-or-less platonic relationship with D-Man.

Shortly thereafter, Priscilla sought out the Power Broker, so that she might gain enhanced strength. During her visit, the Power Broker was attacked by Scourge – after he survived, he underwent his own treatment, although he knew that it deformed the subject half the time. Unfortunately for him, he was in the bad fifty percent, and his musculature exploded to the point where he could hardly move.

Priscilla was then captured by Karl Malus, the head scientist for the Power Broker – he wanted to betray his boss and take over. However, he needed the Power Broker’s files held in a finger-print-locked safe. Giving Priscilla a epidermal mold, he demanded that she get an imprint of the deformed Power Broker’s hand. She took the imprint, and double-crossed Malus, rendering him harmless. She then called USAgent, letting him know where to pick up Power Broker and his thugs. She vanished into the sunset shortly thereafter.

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