Fighting Remarkable
Agility Typical
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Incredible
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Monstrous

Health 106
Karma 115
Resources Incredible
Popularity -25


Growth: Urthona is 14 feet tall and has Typical Growth, giving his opponents +1CS to hit him with physical weapons.
Dense Flesh: Urthona’s alien skin is resistant to physical attacks. He has Typical protection against Energy attacks and Poor protection against physical damage.

Magic: Urthona is a very capable sorcerer, capable of casting spells at Unearthly rank. However, he is sharply limited by his race’s inability to call on dimensional energies without artificial means. Therefore, he can only use Personal or Universal energies.


Urthona sought to steal Doctor Strange’s mystical paraphernalia for his own purposes. Strange destroyed all the properties except for the Darkhold. That cursed text is till in the hands of Urthona, and allows him to cast Dimensional spells dedicated to evil entities at Incredible rank.


Mystic Background, Occult Lore, Melee Weapons, Leadership




Urthona first became aware of Doctor Strange when one half of the soul of the empath Topaz came into his possession. With it, he was able to make contact with the other half of Topaz, who at the time dwelt with Doctor Strange. From Topaz, Urthona learned of Strange’s mighty talismans of power. Since Urthona was incapable of casting Dimensional spells without assistance, he lusted after the Sorcerer Supreme’s artifacts. To that end, he plotted Strange’s death and usurping Strange’s title.

Urthona held a great tournament among his champions, selected one who might have a chance against Strange, and set him to battle Strange while the Sorcerer Supreme was away from his Sanctum Sanctorum, simultaneously making contact with Topaz and preparing a spell that would summon the entire Sanctum to his planet, several galaxies away from Earth. By using dark spells, Doctor Strange was able to defeat Urthona’s champion, but his body was critically injured while doing so. In his injured state, Strange could not prevent Urthona from taking the Sanctum as well as Wong, Strange’s manservant, and Topaz, both of whom were in the house when it was taken.

After a brief pause for healing, Strange set off after his possessions. His own body still weak, Strange allowed an alien apprentice named Rintrah to accompany him, serving as his agent, and Strange borrowed the Skrull spacecraft from Reed Richards to surprise his enemy by taking a physical passage to Urthona’s planet. There, Strange (inhabiting Rintrah’s body) and Urthona engaged in a duel, during which Wong was severely injured. In order to save his friends, Strange destroyed all his mystic talismans, rather than to allow Urthona to use them. Urthona, possessing only the Darkhold, a tome beyond Strange’s ability to destroy, fled the scene of battle. Topaz, made whole once again, healed Wong, but Strange could find no trace of Urthona. He is presumably researching the fell secrets of the Darkhold, but otherwise his whereabouts are unknown.

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