Milos Masaryk

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Incredible
Endurance Incredible
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Feeble

Health 130
Karma 28
Resources Good
Popularity -15


Body Resistance: His dense flesh provides Remarkable protection from physical and energy attacks.


Flight: Unicorn wears a rocket belt that enables him to fly at Good air speed.
Power Horn: Unicorn posseses and energy projector in his helmet at can inflict up to Monstrous damage.


Martial Arts A B E, Detective/Espionage, Lockpicking




Milos Masaryk was a Soviet intelligence agent who was assigned to track down the original Crimson Dynamo (Anton Vanko, now Airstrike,) who had defected to America. There, the Unicorn, Masaryk’s new identity, confronted Iron Man (who was in fact responsible for Vanko’s defection). The Unicorn escaped capture by Iron Man, and returned home.

He later allied himself with Count Nefaria, joining with Nefaria for financial reasons.

After this, however, he returned to Czechoslovakia, where he underwent experimental conditioning to augment his powers. An unfortunate side effect left him with “accelerated cellular deterioration.” During this time, the Unicorn was numerously used by his Soviet supervisors, Red Ghost, Mandarin, and Titanium Man, who would agreed to find a cure for Masaryk in return for various “favors.” Iron Man, during one such Titanium Man-“favored” battle, captured Masaryk, and cured him of his disease, unfortunately turning the Unicorn insane. Still later, after another battle with Iron Man, the Unicorn was seen headed out into the sea, where he claimed the Titainium Man waited for him.

It has not been revealed what happened to the Unicorn from that time until being released from some secret Soviet project and used as a pawn by Valentin Shatalov, now the current Crimson Dynamo, as a part of his Remont plan to restore Russia to the days of Stalin. The Unicorn, clearly insane and beyond rationality, was defeated by the People’s Protectorate and placed in another Soviet lab, where his eyestalk/third eye was revealed. Going on a subsequent berserker ramage, he was defeated by Synthesizer and Titanium Man and impressed into the service of Remont-4.

The Unicorn apparently got better, even wearing his headpiece again, and returned to Iron Man’s life as part of the Stockpile, a group of superpowered villains hired by Morgan Stark, Tony Stark’s “evil cousin.” After a battle with Iron Man/Iron Boy (after the Avengers battle dubbed “The Crossing,” the older Stark was dead, and a young version of Stark was now Iron Man) the group was basically wiped out, with the Unicorn being the only member of the group who definitely escaped to parts unknown.

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