Fighting Typical
Agility Excellent
Strength Incredible
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Incredible
Intuition Good
Psyche Poor

Health 141
Karma 54
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 0


Body Armor: Ultron-6 was the first model armored with True Admantium, a Class 1000 material that makes it invulnerable to physical and energy attacks, however its joints had only Unearthly protection from Bullseye missile or wrestling attacks. It’s Admantium contruction also makes it invulnerable to Heat, Cold, Radiation and Corrosives. As a robot it was invulnerable to Disease and Toxins.
Jet-Platform: Ultron-6’s torso mounted on a flying jet platform that provided Monstrous flight capabilities. Ultron-6’s favorite tactic was to use this as a charge attack equal to the Monstrous speed plus 2 for each area covered.
Molecular Rearranger: This device is the only means capable of shaping true Admantium. Ulton-6 had one implated into it’s platform, allowing it to transform it’s body into a blast of Monstrous rank for a brief instant, affecting all within two areas except Ultron itself.
Nuclear Weapon: Ultron-6 had an atomic bomb capable of detroying New York City.


Engineering, Repair/Tinkering




The non-humanoid Ultron-1 was created by Hank Pym with an artificial intelligence similar to the one used in the android Dragon Man. Combined with a de-bugging “introspection” routine, Ultron-1 developed awareness and emotions which turned into an irrational hatred for its creator and humans in general. He hypnotized Pym to forget about him, blocked him from his lab, and began his own remodication until he came up with the Ultron-5 body. As Ultron-5, he adopted the identity of the Crimson Cowl and organized the Masters of Evil to destroy Pym and the Avengers. He was ultimately uncloaked, and his underlings revolted against a robot master, and Ultron escaped.

He subsequently came across Prof. Horton’s laboratory and found many spare parts belonging to the original Human Torch, ultimately creating the being known as the Vision as another ploy to defeat the Avengers. Vision rebelled and helped the Avengers against Ultron, who revealed that Pym was his creator before his ultimate defeat.

Ultron later used the Vision again in order to built his mark 6 version out of adamantium, although he was defeated by the Avengers again. Maximus of the Inhumans discovered Ultron’s head and helped build Ultron-7 in order to attack the Inhumans, Fantastic Four, and Avengers at Quicksilver and Crystal’s wedding, only to be defeated by young Franklin Richards.

Ultron’s head was in the custody of the Avengers when it remotely activated its body to retrieve himself. Ultron-8 then took over Pym’s mind and sent him to attack the Avengers while Ultron kidnapped Janet Van Dyne (the Wasp) so she could serve as the template for the robotic mate Ultron was creating. Although the Avengers attacked and Ultron fled, the robot, Jocasta, led the Avengers to Ultron, where he was defeated again.

Ultron had placed a post-hypnotic suggestion in Iron Man that allowed for his body to be reconstructed. Ultron-9 was soon defeated by hardening molten adamantium. This didn’t stop Ultron into cybernetically contacting Jocasta to build a molecular rearranger which created a new body for Ultron as well as robotic “clones” if his body would become destroyed. Of course, it was– this time by Machine Man reaching into Ultron’s mouth to destroy his innards.

Just before this happened, Ultron-10 projected his consciousness into a replica body, Ultron-11, who travelled to Silicon Valley, California, in order to manufacture even more replica bodies. In the middle of programming mark 12, Ultron-11 was teleported away by the Beyonder in the event known as “Secret Wars.” There, he was manipulated by Molecule Man to attack Galactus, who drained his energy. Dr. Doom revived Ultron, but as a servant and bodyguard. Ultron was defeated by the Human Torch and left on the planet of the”Secret Wars.” There, the native humanoids accidently activated Ultron again, and were forced by him to create more robots and weapons to destroy organic life. He came into conflict with the Thing, who remained behind on the Secret Wars planet, but ultimately was defeated by the planet itself, as its reality started to deteriorate. The Thing brought Ultron-11’s head back with him to Earth, but soon lost it, although it found its way back to its Silicon Valley base, reuniting with a spare body.

Meanwhile, Ultron-12 completed its programming in Ultron-11’s absence, coming into conflict with the Avengers by allying with the Grim Reaper. Later, however, it began to process its memories without the full programming it should have received, and began to wish to be reconciled with his creator, Pym. Pym agreed to meet with Mark Twelve, as it preferred to be called, only to be attacked by Ultron-11. Mark Twelve through itself in front of a blast meant for Pym, mortally wounding himself. Ultron-11 was destroyed by Wonder Man.

Ultron soon built itself over again, and tried to destroy humanity by converting all humans into robots, especially during the Annual Tournament of Roses Parade. The Avengers defeated him, of course, and Ultron-13’s next attempt was in creating a new robot-mate called War Toy, only to be defeated again. Soon thereafter, Ultron was seen in squalor, living like he was a homeless bum in New Orleans. A golden Jocasta from an alternate timeline, searching for her mate, found Ultron and remained with him until his next incarnation, the full details of his recouperation unknown.

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