Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary, on the cover for Daredevil vol. 2 #46
Art by Alex Maleev

Identity: Mary Walker

Fighting: Incredible
Agility: Incredible
Strength: Good
Endurance: Remarkable
Reason: Typical
Intuition: Good
Psyche: Poor

Health: 120
Karma: 20
Resources: Good
Popularity: 0


  • Telekinesis: Typical rank at 1 area range. She can only manipulate 1 object but with very fine precision.
  • Pyrokinesis: Poor.
  • Mind Control: Good, very simple commands. She can also make a man fall in love with her when she succeeds in a power FEAT against the targets Psyche -1CS.


Machetes: Mary normally carries 2 machetes which inflict Excellent damage.


  • Weapon Specialist: Machetes
  • Martial Arts C
  • Martial Arts D
  • Tumbling




see: http://marvel.wikia.com/Mary_Walker_(Earth-616)

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