Two Gun Kid

Identity: Matt Hawk
Origin: Human
  • Fighting: Excellent 20
  • Agility: Good 10
  • Strength: Good 10
  • Endurance: Excellent 20
  • Reason: Typical 6
  • Intuition: Excellent 20
  • Psyche: Good 10

Health: 60
Karma: 36
Resources: Good
Popularity: 10
Initiative: +1

  • Horsemanship
  • Guns
  • Lassos
  • Law
  • Fast Draw
  • Pistols: Matt carries two colt .45 caliber revlovers. The colts hit for 8 points of shooting damage. Each pistol holds 6 shots and are made from Excellent material. The guns have a range of 4 areas. Two Gun Kid can fire both pistols in a single turn without penalty.
  • Lasso: Two gun kid carries a lasso of Good material strength that he uses to grapple targets 2 areas away with a successful Agility FEAT.


Matt Hawk (born Matthew Liebowicz) was a Harvard-educated Boston lawyer who settled in 1870s Tombstone, Texas after the Civil War. Shortly after arriving in Tombstone, Matt was attacked by a gang of toughs led by Clem Carter. Clem’s sister, schoolteacher Nancy Carter, intervened and convinced them to leave Hawk alone, befriending Matt in the process. Later, Matt saw Clem’s gang harassing an elederly man and came to the old man’s aid. The old man turned out to be legendary gunfighter Ben Dancer, who scared off Clem’s gang by drawing his gun. Grateful for Matt’s attempts to help him, Dancer volunteered to train Matt as a fighter. Matt practiced until he became Dancer’s superior as a gunfighter, and also trained intensively in horsemanship, unarmed combat and the use of the lasso; however, Dancer encouraged Matt to conceal his newfound talents. If Matt’s marskmanship skills were common knowledge, thugs like the Carter gang would harass him in hopes of making a name for themselves, the same way they had harassed Dancer. To avoid this, Matt created a masked identity for himself as the Two-Gun Kid, an identity he would assume whenever he found it necessary to use his fighting skills. When Clem Carter’s gang ambushed Dancer in an attempt to kill him, Matt went into action as the Two-Gun Kid for the first time and defeated the Carter gang alongside Dancer. Dancer moved out East to live a quieter life, while his pupil lived a daring double life in Tombstone as lawyer Matt Hawk and the Two-Gun Kid. As Two-Gun, Matt fought a wide array of criminals, ranging from common gunfighters to exotic costumed criminals like the Hurricane and the Rattler.

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