Donna Stacy Hinkley Troy Long

Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 205
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity 20


True Flight: Remarkable
Force Field: Amazing
Hyper-Running: Excellent
Hyper-Leaping: Amazing
Enhanced Senses: Excellent level sight, hearing, taste and smell.


Bracelets: Troia sports traditional Amazon Bracers made from Unearthly material strength and may be used to parry incoming Ranged attacks.


Photographer, Martial Arts A B E, Greek Mythology, Wrestling, First Aid, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Weapon Specialist: Bracers


Titans, Wonder Woman, Themyscara, Outsiders


The adolescent Wonder Woman, horribly alone as the only child on Paradise Island, was granted a secret wish: a playmate of her own, a magical double, Diana’s reflection come to life. The two were alike in every way possible, and best of friends. The doppelganger was so similar to Diana that Hippolyta’s arch nemesis Dark Angel mistook her for the genuine article when she came to Paradise Island. Dark Angel abducted the magic double of the Princess in a fiendish plot to get to the Queen and forced her to live a thousand lifetimes of horrible tragedy.

The final such life began with an infant girl that was left orphaned in a burning building. Donna Troy was raised by the Titans of Myth, young Donna grew up on New Cronos as a protégé to god hood. It was the Titans dream to reclaim their former glory by raising a new generation of gods. Donna was among the group of children brought there from all across the galaxy to realize this dream. All the “seeds” were returned to their homeworlds as they reached adolescence, their memories blocked so that they could learn the ways of their own people.

Remembering nothing of her experiences Donna came back to earth, and with her Titan granted powers, and the visage of the Golden Age Wonder Woman as inspiration, she became the young hero to first wear the mantle of Wonder Girl.

A founding member of the Teen Titans Donna fought for truth and justice, all the while having no memory of her former life. Then one day a stranger walked into the Teen Titans head quarters, and Donna’s life was changed. Rhea, a Titan, using the last of her powers, came to find and warn Donna of the fate that awaited her. Sparta, one of the seedlings the Titans had raised on New Cronos, had not been stripped of her memory when she was returned to her own world. This knowledge of who she was and her ultimate purpose drove her mad, and caused her to enslave her home world. The Titans feared it would also drive her to conquer them as well.

With her friends to aide her, Donna faced Sparta. In a battle that resulted in the death of a fellow seedling, and the total destruction of Sparta’s mind, Donna managed to triumph. As a reward in her role in saving the Titans, Donna was gifted with the full force of her powers and a new identity. She was now known as “Troia”.

Troia continued to fight by the New Titans as the years passed. She was married to Terry Long, and out of their union a son was to be born: Robert. In a vision that showed a future of her son as a force for destruction, Donna was forced to beg the Titans to remove her powers. Having done so, Robert was born into the world as a normal little boy, no longer a threat to the world as he grew. But now Donna was powerless. Her marriage fell apart, and it seemed as if this one time Wonder Girl was at the end of her lasso.

Darkstars, a new galactic guardian type organization, elected Donna to be a member, giving her a special suit that gave her artificial powers. She once more had a calling in life. But this too was short lived as the Darkstars was disbanded, and then destroyed. Turning to her new boyfriend, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Donna was once more faced with a life without powers. And then tragedy struck. Driving down a winding road on a rainy night, Terry Long, their son, Robert, and Terry’s daughter were all killed in a seeming car crash.

This lifetime’s tragedy had struck and Dark Angel was prepared to move in for the kill. Donna’s relationship with Kyle ended badly leaving Donna in shambles. Dark Angel sucked the life out of Donna and left her a lifeless husk. The only people who were unaffected by Dark Angels machinations were Donna’s friend Wally West, now the Flash, and Diana, at the time the Goddess of truth, and always a twin of Donna’s. The rest of the world had forgotten Donna but Diana and Wally used their powers and memory of Donna to restore her and break the curse Dark Angel had placed on Donna when she was merely a reflection of Diana. As time had passed for the clone of sorts of the Princess a soul, individuality came through the hardships and sadness endured in her countless lives. She was restored fully, now possessing the powers of her sister Diana again. Faced with self-doubt for a time Donna was afraid she wasn’t a real person after her origins were revealed. She was embraced by the Amazons, by her Mother and Sister particularly, as a Princess that had been returned to them. She was coronated and made an official Amazon.

In an attempt to experiment and defy the preconceptions about her she rekindled a relationship with Roy Harper, once Speedy and now Arsenal, she had at the beginning of her time with the Titans. She and a new team of Titans emerged, once again called Troia, and she reestablished her identity as an independent and caring young woman. This was only fortified when Dark Angel returned to try to destroy her life once more. Now she and Roy have worked out their quasi-relationship and are great friends again. Reunited with her original teammates Donna has returned to her own life and continues crime fighting as a Titan.

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