Fighting Excellent
Agility Good
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 60
Karma 18
Resources Typical
Popularity -10


Growth – Atomic Gain: Tower can increase his size at will to a maximum of 12′ tall. In this state he gains the following abilties.
At 8 or more feet tall, his Strength increases +2CS to Remarkable and he gains a bonus power of Remarkable Body Resistance.
He is +1CS to hit or be hit, and he can move 3 areas per round instead of 2.
Shriking -Atomic Loss: Incredible ability to shrink himself as small as 1/2″ in height
his Strength decreases to Typical,
he has +2CS to hit normal sized targets, and normal sized targets are -2CS to hit him.
However, he can move no further than 1 area per round. Trackers must make a Yellow Intuition FEAT to spot him


Martial Arts B


Alliance of Evil


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