Torpedo II

Identity: Brock Jones

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 60
Karma 22
Resources Typical
Popularity 0



Torpedo Battle Suit: This is the suit of armor worn by the Torpedo. It has the following powers. No ability adjustments.

Body Armor: Remarkable vs. physical attacks. Unearthly protection against all energy attacks.
Flight: Torpedo has a top flight speed of Shift-Z. He has only used the suit to fly at Incredible speeds.
Power Punch: Using the turboes she punches for Incredible damage.
Cosmetics: The suit is self cleaning but will at Mickey’s will alter color.
Visor: Protects his eyes from wind whilst in flight. Also possesses a Incredible energy detection and analyzing abilities


Wrestling, Football




A few years ago, the Earth was quietly invaded by a shape-changing alien race, the Dire Wraiths. When a Dire Wraith killed someone, they stole their victim’s shape and memories. The Dire Wraith’s plans on Earth were being constantly disrupted by their archenemy, the Spaceknight known as Rom.

One of the Dire Wraiths, posing as Senator Eugene Kligger Stivak, arranged for a Michael Stivak to emigrate to America from Yugoslavia. The Dire Wraith, pretending to be his uncle, asked the scientific Michael to build a special battlesuit for national defense. In actuality, the Dire Wraiths wanted Michael to build them a battlesuit that would allow them to defeat Rom.

Michael had just built the battlesuit when he accidentally found out that he had been used by his Uncle Eugene. He discovered that Senator Stivak was the leader of a criminal organization called the Corporation that planned to take over the United States. Unknown to Michael, the Corporation was actually a Dire Wraith front. Michael built a less-powerful Torpedo battlesuit and gave it to his uncle. Unfortunately, his uncle found out about the existence of the better battlesuit, and the location of the plans for it. Michael donned the battlesuit (dubbed as “Torpedo”) and set out to destroy all the copies of the plans, and any spare parts. During this mission, Michael became involved in a battle with the hero Daredevil who thought he was a criminal. Michael accidentally caused a section of a collapsing building, which fatally injured him.

The dying scientist was dug out of the rubble by Brock Jones, a former professional football hero, who had become a vice-president of the Delmar Insurance Company. Michael told Brock about his uncle’s evil plans and begged Brock to stop him. The brave young scientist then died. A strong sense of duty compelled Brock Jones to fulfill Michael Stivak’s last wishes and destroy the battlesuit plans. Brock, who was bored with the dull routine of his life, became a part-time crimefighter as Torpedo.

Whenever Torpedo appeared, Senator Stivak sent men to capture the Torpedo battlesuit. The Senator’s men wore the weaker versions of the battlesuit that Michael Stivak had given to his uncle. Stivak’s men, who called themselves the Rocketeers, were beaten by Brock several times. After the final defeat of the Rocketeers, the Dire Wraith posing as Senator Stivak died. Brock then decided to retire from his career as the Torpedo, believing the threat was over.

A few months later, Brock was attacked at his house by a new group of Rocketeers. Brock, in the Torpedo battlesuit, was able to defeat the new group of Rocketeers. During the battle, one of the defeated Rocketeers disintegrated into ashes. Brock realized that he was involved in something that he did not completely understand. Scared, Brock moved himself and his family to Clairton, West Virginia and took job as the local high school football coach.

Unknown to Brock, the Spaceknight Rom had also based himself in Clairton. Seeing Rom fly overhead one night, Brock mistook him for one of the Rocketeers and attacked him as the Torpedo. After a short battle, Brock realized that Rom was not a Rocketeer. Brock and Rom became close friends, and they soon discovered the real story behind the Torpedo battlesuit. Brock and Rom were able to defeat the Wraith Rocketeers, which made Brock an instant enemy of the Dire Wraiths.

Brock became the city’s guardian when Rom was called away to other parts of Earth to battle the Dire Wraiths. Rom modified the Torpedo’s visor, allowing Brock to see Dire Wraiths, no matter what shape they took. Unknown to Rom and Brock, another branch of Dire Wraiths had taken over the invasion of the Earth. Unlike their scientific relatives, these Dire Wraiths were experts in magic and controlled the Dire Wraith society. The sorcerous Dire Wraith’s clouded Brock’s mind, so that he could not see that they had already killed most of the people of Clairton and taken their places. Believing that peace had finally come to Clairton, Brock planned to retire his Torpedo career again. The Dire Wraiths attacked the day that Brock was going to announce his retirement. Brock was outnumbered, and confused by the powers of the new aliens. Brock fought bravely, but he was killed fighting to save Clairton.

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