Tomorrow Woman

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Amazing
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Incredible

Health 135
Karma 130
Resources Feeble
Popularity 30


Android body: She is a synthezoid created by Professor Ivo and T.O. Morrow. Her android body does not require food air or sleep. She also possesses Unearthly resistance disease and toxins.
Empathy: Detect surface emotions or send empathic messages with Incredible ability.
Telekinesis: TW is a powerful telekinetic. She has shown the following abilities:
Enhancing Strength: She may use her telekinesis to temporarily enhance her physical strength to Amazing levels.
Flight: Used for flight Tomorrow Woman may attain Monstrous air speed.
Mind Probe: Amazing
Electro-Magnetism: She is able can project an Electro Magnetic Pulse of Shift-Y intensity. This is capable of shutting down all electrical devices in a 1 mile radius including Tomorrow Woman herself. It is also capable of totally wiping out the memories of anyone within the area effect. The duration is permanent unless someone restores the memories.


Tomorrow Woman’s android body is incapable of self repair. It requires a workshop with Remarkable resources to repair her.


Engineering, Repair/Tinker, Electronics


Professor Ivo, T.O. Morrow, Justice League


Tomorrow Woman was believed to be a mutant, gifted with telekinetic powers. In reality, and unbeknownst to her, she was a sophisticated android assembled by rogue scientists T.O. Morrow and Professor Ivo to infiltrate the newly formed JLA and destroy them with a devastating electromagnetic pulse.

Designed by her creators to “be a hero” in order to complete the ruse, Tomorrow Woman aided the JLA, however her programming warred with itself, eventually establishing its own ethical code. Instead of using her EMP blast to kill the JLA, TW realized the evil of her programming and desired her freedom. Tomorrow Woman succeeded by not only turning against her creators but by saving the lives of the JLA and countless millions of inhabitants by using her EMP to shut down the IF*. She “died” during this blast, the EMP erasing herself as well as “IF”

In the end, Tomorrow Woman followed the order to be a hero, using her electromagnetic pulse to defeat the 23rd-century weapon at the cost of her own artificial life. Despite learning her true origins, the JLA buried Tomorrow Woman among its fallen comrades in the Garden of Heroes alongside such hero’s as as Green Arrow, Hal Jordan, Ice, Metamorpho, Johnny Quick, Hourman, and other JSA members.

Note: “IF” stands for Implicate Field. “IF” is advanced quantum technology from the 32nd century. One of several weapons confiscated by the Lord of Time’s arsenal by the U.S. Military.

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