Tom Thumb

Identity: Thomas Thompson
Fighting Poor
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Typical
Reason Amazing
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Remarkable

Health 22
Karma 120
Resources Unearthly
Popularity 40

Hyper-Invention: Monstrous ability to design and create a functional version of a desired object or tool.


Flying Chair: Thumb’s personal flier
Control Speed Body Protection
Incredible Good Remarkable Poor


Engineering, Physics, Repair/Tinker, Medicine, Psychiatry


Squadron Supreme


History: Thomas Thompson was born with a hormonal deficiency that left him a dwarf, but he was an intellectual giant. Using his own inventions, he became a crimefighter under the name Tom Thumb and a member of the Squadron Supreme. Tom was the Squadron’s chief scientist and inventor and he designed all the technology to impliment the Utopia Program, including the behavior modification device. Tom learned during his attempt to save Nuke’s parents from cancer that he was dying of cancer himself. He kept the information secret from the Squadron and passed away while working on his lab on another project for the betterment of humanity.

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