Timber Wolf

Brin Londo

Fighting Incredible
Agility Amazing
Strength Incredible
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 205
Karma 60
Resources Excellent
Popularity 30


Body Resistance: Incredible
Danger Sense: Amazing
Hyper-Olfactory: Incredible
Hyper Running: Remarkable
Claws: Incredible
Thermal Vision: Remarkable


Every Legionaire has access to the following personal equipment
Flight Ring: Allows True Flight at Excellent rank. Made from Typical strength materials. Able to broadcast an SOS with a 500 light year range. Additionally when travelling in a group the rings act in concert so the group will all travel at the fastest characters speed.
Telepathic Ear Plug: Made from Typical strength materials, these permit Typical rank telepathic abilities.
Transuits: These suits permit the wearer to utilise their own unique abilities without penalty. Additionally the suits provide Class 1000 Life Support.
Each Legionaire may also select items from “The Store” for unique occasions. These include:
Chronal Howitzer: Is a bomb like device that sends it’s target/victims through time with Class 1000 ability.
Distorters: Image inducers permit Amazing rank illusions, disguising the appearance of the user
Blaster Rifles: Amazing strength energy blast. Range 5 areas.
Dominator Blasters: Incredible strength energy blast. Range 4 areas.
Hand Held Blasters: Incredible strength energy blast. Range 2 areas.
Sklarian Blasters: Incredible strength energy blast. Range 4 areas.
Khund Blasters: Incredible strength energy blast. Range 4 areas.


Acrobatics; Martial Arts: B C E, Intimidation


Legion Of Superheroes


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