Identity: Thundra

Fighting Amazing
Agility Excellent
Strength Amazing
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 140
Karma 22
Resources Excellent
Popularity 8

Body Resistance: Typical protection against physical and energy damage.
Hyper Leaping: Remarkable
Hyper Running: Typical ground speed


Chain: Amazing material


Weapon Specialist: Chain, Martial Arts: All, Politics, Military, Leadership


Fantastic Four


Thundra is a citizen of the United Sisterhood Republic, a country in an alternate 23rd century Earth, Fernizonia. Thundra was born in a government run birth lab, where she was genetically engineered for greater strength, endurance, and resistance. She began to study military skills at age 8; by, the time she was 18, she was the U.S.R.’s finest warrior. When her world was invaded by soldiers from another alternate timeline, Macchus, Thundra acted to prevent Macchus from ever existing. She stole the Macchians’ time machine and traveled to 20th century Earth. Her plan required her to defeat Earth’s finest warrior, the Thing. When the Wizard learned of her intentions, he recruited her for the Frightful Four. From there she fought the Thing on several occasions and even beat him once. However, she eventually realized that her actions would not affect the creation of Macchus. She turned against the Frightful Four. Afterwards, she became friends with the FF and began to develop a liking for Ben. Thundra was instrumental in merging the alternate timelines of Fernizonia and Macchus.

For a time, she stayed in the 20th century because he felt her world no longer existed. She wandered around and got further involved in Ben’s life. She aided him in stopping Roxxon Oil’s attempt to plunder the resources of other dimensions. She used the Nth Projector to return to her world and time. There she became Empress of the renamed United Sisterhood Empire. Her people wanted her to establish a dynasty. She decided that, since Ben was the only male she respected, he should marry her. When an emergency prompted her to call Ben to her time, she took the opportunity to propose. Because acceptance meant Ben would be forever unable to return to his time, he declined. As a favor, Thundra first returned Ben to an alternate timeline where he could propose to Alicia (Ben left her at the altar), then finally returned him to his own timeline. Since that time, Thundra has remained in her world, leading the expansion of the U.S.E.

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