Thunderbird III

IDentity: Neil Sharra

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 70
Karma 22
Resources Excellent
Popularity 0


Plasma Generation: Thunderbird is able to generate solar plasma with Unearthly ability, calling down the fury of the sun itself for defense and offense. He has so far demonstrated the following power stunts:
Energy Sheath: Incredible protection from physical attacks. Anyone attempting to grapple him while his powers are active takes Amazing heat damage.
Plasma Projection: A jet of plasma which can inflict up Incredible damage
True Flight: Flight: Thunderbird can attain Remarkable airspeeds.


Medicine, Sports-Cricket


X-Men, Crimson Pirates, X-Corporation


Neal Shaara comes from an affluent family in Bangladesh. His father is the local chief of police. When his brother Sanjit, a journalist, disappeared, Neal took it upon himself to find him. Neal was shadowed by his father’s best detective Karima, and the two began a relationship after Karima revealed herself to save him. They were eventually captured by Bastion, who planned to turn them into Prime Sentinels, as he had already done to Sanjit. The shock of the procedure activated Neal’s latent powers. Sanjit fought his programming long enough to disable the other Sentinels, but was fatally wounded. Karima also told Neal to leave her, as she had already been transformed into an Omega-class unit, and could not hold off her transformation for long.

Lost and alone, and scared to death of his powers, Neal contacted Moira MacTaggert, an old friend of hisfamily’s and soon came to Muir Island, where he met and joined the X-Men early in the six months between the High Evolutionary’s cancellation of all mutant powers and the first attack of the Neo. He is a university graduate, who is having trouble dealing with the prejudices about mutants, and so believes whole-heartedly in Xavier’s dream of racial integration. He is also having difficulty controlling his powers, and hesitates in battle, making him a liability to the team at times.

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