Inspector Thunder Badger I

Identity: Joseph Gorman

Origin: Bloodline Mutant
Ethnicity: Native American
  • Fighting: Amazing 46
  • Agility: Remarkable 26
  • Strength: Remarkable 26
  • Endurance: Incredible 36
  • Reason: Excellent 16
  • Intuition: Excellent 21
  • Psyche: Excellent 16

Health: 134
Karma: 53
Resources: Excellent 16
Popularity: 25
Initiative: +2

Powers: 4/5
  • Animal Transformation, Rank: Amazing 46
  • Electrical Manipulation, Rank: Incredible 36
    • Limitation: Requires a vocal component (shamanistic chant).
  • Earth Control, Rank: Incredible 36
    • Limitation: Requires a vocal component (shamanistic chant).
    • Stunts:
      • Burial Ground (entrapment)
      • Earth shield
      • Earth transport
  • Limitation: Requires a vocal component (shamanistic chant); Does not protect from stuns or slams.
Talents: 4/4
  • Law Enforcement
    • Law
    • Guns
  • Detective
  • Occult Lore
  • Weapon Specialist (Silver Sparrow)


  • Silver Sparrow (Magical projectile missile weapon), Rank: Amazing 46. The Silver Sparrow is a magical artifact of Amazing 50 material strength, range and damage. It is bound to the soul of its owner and when not in use, exists in a pocket magical plane. The item takes a form that is relative to its owner. In its current incarnation the Sparrow has taken the form of a Colt Dragoon revolver, it fires (AM) magical projectile bullets that once fired exist only as long as the bearer is in proximity. The gun can be summoned at will and appears in the owner’s hand. If unconscious the gun vanishes and can only remain in this plane while in physical contact and mental awareness of its owner. The Silver Sparrow can only be willingly passed on to a person that has created a soul link with the owner and when it is passed it can never be returned.
    • Stunts:
      • Quick shot (3 shots per round)
      • Parry
  • UMF Stealth suit: Remarkable 26 protection vs. Physical, Excellent 16 protection vs. energy.  Remarkable 26 protection from Cold, +2cs to Stealth
  • SD modified AIM Long barrel TRA-076 SF particle cannon
    • Range: 10 areas
    • Normal Damage: Amazing 50 points, energy
    • Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round.
    • Must be fired with two hands. Excellent strength materials.
    • Ammunition: Powered by a SD-PC-411A power pack. Each pack carries enough charge for 4 shots at maximum yield.
    • Multi setting scope with thermal and low-light settings. The advanced targeting software raises agility by one rank to hit.


Joseph Gorman was a homicide Detective for the Nevada State Police Department.  During his first week he was involved in a shootout where both him and his partner were shot multiple times. His partner was dead on arrival and Gorman had fallen into a coma. Four weeks later he awoke and underwent physical therapy and rehabilitation. He went back to work but found that his fellow police officers blamed him for his partner’s death. During his psych evaluation the police psychiatrist labeled him as unstable and delusional and had him forced into early retirement. On a whim he decided to track down his past and discover more about his ancestors. He packed a bag and took the first flight to New Mexico.

The reservation looked nothing like it had on his father’s photographs. The small settlement was in a state of abandonment. Joseph came upon an old man dressed in a postal service uniform. They exchanged pleasantries and talked for hours, as the sun set the old man invited Joseph to his house. And so it was that Joseph Gorman found out about his heritage. He learned that his family were named Thunder Badger in the old tongue. Their gifts passed on through their blood, father to son, generation after generation. They had been the guardians of the land. Now that their ancestral home lay abandoned it was his destiny to carry on their sacred duty. Theirs was a war as old as time itself. A war for the lives of all that lived under the sun, their duty was to stand as guardians at the gates, to guide those that seek the light and to stop those that would bring about the shadow. The old man handed Joseph a silver plated colt revolver.  As he held it, Joseph felt a jolt run through his body and the gun vanished in a puff of smoke. The old man told him to think of the gun and so it appeared in his hand. He called it a family heirloom. After months of training the old man told Joseph that he had taught him all he could and now it was time for him to go out in the world and find his own way. With that, the old man took the form of a raven and flew off into the night. Two years have passed and Joseph now resides in the city of Chicago. He has found his true calling and through his detective agency has pledged to take on the evils that plague the city as well as the looming darkness that threatens to engulf the world.

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