The Warden

Identity: Unknown
Origin: Mutant Mystic
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian


  • Fighting: Good 8
  • Agility: Typical 5
  • Strength: Typical 5
  • Endurance: Excellent 16
  • Reason: Excellent 16
  • Intuition:  Excellent 16
  • Psyche:  Remarkable 26

Health: 34
Karma: 58
Resources: Typical
Popularity: 0
Initiative: +0
Powers: 6/6

  • Force Field, Rank: Excellent 16
  • Telepathy, Rank: Excellent 16
  • Telekinesis, Rank: Excellent 16
  • Eldritch Bolts, Rank: Excellent 16
  • Astral Projection, Rank: Excellent 16
  • Dynamic Sorcery, Rank: Excellent 16

Talents: 3/4

  • Occult lore
  • Detective
  • Blunt weapons


  • Magical Implements
  • Silver Talisman
  • Staff: a stout pole 6 feet long, tipped with iron. Good strength material. Inflict one Strength rank higher in Slugfest with a maximum of Excellent. Thrown for 10 points, H&S, Kill is now Stun
  • UMF Stealth suit: Gd protection vs. Physical, Rm protection from Cold, +2cs to Stealth
  • Binoculars: Rm material, allows to see up to 30 areas away
  • Codec Communications: The means to send and receive Codec messages are provided by micro transmitters injected into the body prior to deployment. During the course of a mission, new contacts can be made. -140.85 MHz is for command and advisory personnel. This is the line for standing orders, current objectives, and general instructions.
  • Universal Tool: Used to aid in electronics work. Tip contains various Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers, wrenches, lock-picking device, drill bits and other implements. Inside the base are full lineman’s kit, multi-line analyzers, cell phone analyzers and other electrical analysis gear. Can record and play back audio and video signals. The Universal Tool can be safely used as a hammer.
  • SD-1017 MK III Standard Issue Plasma Blaster: Incredible damage at a maximum range of 5 areas.
    • Ammunition: Powered by a SD-PP-512A or SD-PP-512C power pack. Each pack carries enough charge for 3 shots at maximum yield (IN 36), 6 shots at moderate yield (RM 26) and 12 shots at minimum yield (EX 16).
    • Unstable PPC core: On a roll of 1 the power-pack will overload the heat sinks and will hit critical mass within 1-10 rounds. At this point it will shutdown and dump the internal stabilization rods dealing 10 points of damage to anyone holding the weapon, roll as GD energy damage for intensity.


  • The White Council, Inspector Thunder Badger


Known Affiliations: White Council

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