Thanos of Titan

Fighting Monstrous
Agility Remarkable
Strength Shift-Y
Endurance Class 1000
Reason Monstrous
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Unearthly

Health 1295
Karma 215
Resources Unearthly
Popularity -100


Immortality: As the Power and in all planes. Thanos is currently bared from Death’s dimension, by Death itself, and cannot die by any fashion.
Invulnerablity: Thanos has Class 1000 Resistance to Fire, Cold, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins, Corossives and Disease.
True Invulnerability: As the most powerful “Cosmic Eternal”, Thanos has Shift-X protection from physical and energy attacks.
Cosmic Energy Control: Thanos can manipulate enourmous quanties of cosmic energy with Shift-Z ability. Thanos regularly uses the follwing Stunts:
Energy Blasts of force or energy with Shift-Z intensity.
Boost any or all physical abilites to Shift-Z for 1-10 rounds.
Raise Body Armor to Shift-Z for 1-10 rounds.
Absorb any form of energy with Shift-Z ability.
Detect any form of energy with Unearthly ability.
Psionic Attack: Psionic Blast of Monstrous intensity.
Life Support: Thanos does not require good, water, sleep, or air to survive and has Class 1000 Life Support.
Teleportation: Thanos can Teleport himself and others with Unearthly ability.


Martial Arts B, Wrestling, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, Physics, Computers, Electronics among many others. Thanos is a expert in Death Lore and is also knowledgable of Occult Lore.


Adam Warlock, Super Skrull, Controller


Born on the Saturnian satellite Titan, Thanos was a mutant, heir to more power than his race had ever seen. Sometime during his youth he became obsessed with the occult and with the physical personification of Death, whom he came to love. This macabre relationship would become the basis for all his life.

Eventually exiled from Titan, Thanos soon returned to the planet of his birth as a conqueror, replete with an army of mercanaries and pirates. Peaceful Titan fell easily before his ebon might. However, this act of megalomania was but the begining, as his assumption of the Titan throne was but the first step in his plan for universal domination. Using Titan as his base of operations, Thanos searched for and aquired the Cosmic Cube (a nearly sapient field of energy capable of granting its possesor nearly any wish.). Opposed by the Kree Captain Marvel, his father Mentor, his brother Eros (Starfox,) and the powerful Drax the Destroyer, Thanos eventually used the cube to make himself into a god. However, the cube itself was his weakness, and in a moment of power-induced blindness, he toyed with Captain Marvel instead of killing the Kree hero outright. Marvel took the chance offered him and shattered the cube, an act which seemingly killed the mad Titan.

However, Thanos survived, but lost the favor of his beloved mistress Death. His next ploy involved the otherworldy, supremely powerful soul gems. He collected all but one, and that one was in the possesion of the artificial man, Adam Warlock. Thanos insinuated himself into Adam’s war agianst his own dark future self, the Magus. While aiding Adam, Thanos secretly siphoned off energies from Adam’s gem. Later, Thanos combined the gems into one huge star-gem, powerful enough to detonate all the stars in the Universe. However, his former ally Warlock opposed him, and with the aid of the Avengers, the Thing, and Spider-Man, finally defeated and killed the Mad Titan, though the cost was his own life.

Later, Mistress Death decided that a cosmic imbalance had occurred, and she ressurected Thanos and greatly augmented his formidable might. Ordering him to kill half the sentient poulation of the Universe. In order to do this, Thanos regained the six soul gems, dubbed them the infinity gems, and united them in order to become omnipotent. Opposed by Earth’s remaining defenders, the mightiest of the cosmos’ cosmic Beings, and even by the reborn Adam Warlock, Thanos defended his divinity and triumphed, becoming the center of all reality. However, as before, Thanos had left open the means of his defeat. His alleged grand-daughter Nebula stole the Infinity Gauntlet for herself. Thanos then joined his former foes and defeated Nebula, resulting in Warlock gaining the Gauntlet for his own. Thanos then faked his own death … fooling no one. Later still, Warlock would divide the Gems among his companions, bestowing the powerful Reality Gem upon Thanos in order to safeguard it.

Later, Thanos would become involved in several seeming heroic acts, revolving around the expelled Good and Evil aspects of Warlock, and the restoration of the sanity of the thunder-god, Thor. Later still, Thanos would confront the powerful entity called Tyrant. Shortly afterwards, Thanos would go on to gain the enimity of Mistress Death, resulting in his banisment from her realm. Thus, Thanos … lover of Death, would become cursed with immortality … surely, one of the cosmos’ greatest ironies.

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