Fighting Unearthly
Agility Unearthly
Strength Class 1000
Endurance Class 3000
Reason Monstrous
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Unearthly

Health 4200
Karma 250
Resources Class 3000
Popularity -500




Cyborg Exoskeleton: The Terminus armor is an immense robot controlled by the alien Terminus who sits in a control chamber deep within the exoskeleton’s head.The exoskeleton weighs sevel thousand tons and contains his powers;
Body Armor: The exoskeleton is composed of Unearthly material. Internal devices increase these defensive properties to give the cyborg Shift-Y protection against physical and energy attacks as well as Class 1000 protection against radiation and temperature extremes.
Flight: The Terminus exoskeleton can attain Class 3000 velocity although cannot enter hyperspace.
Telescopic Vision: Visual sensors give Terminus Class 5000 range. Unfortunately this power does not enable him to instantaneously see across great distances.
Energy Lance: The Terminus exoskeleton carries a 240′ lance made of Unearthly material. This immense weapon contains several powers of it’s own
Plasma Generation: This Class 3000 ranked beam can do concussive damage as well as Shift-Z heat and radiation. The power normally has a range of 16 million miles. However the beam can be coupled with a hyperspace gateway to reach a target 32 billion miles away.
Disruption: The lance can surround the terminus battle armor with a 10 mile radius storm of Class 1000 intensity energy. Molecules within 1 area of Termiuns are immediately reduced to free floating atoms. The rest of the area is filled with Monstrous intensity radiation and Unearthly heat.
Flight: The energy lance is capable of Class 1000 flight. It can independantly travel to any loction to which Terminus summons it.
Alter Ego: The alien Terminus’s statistics are:
Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Amazing
Endurance Class 1000
Reason Monstrous
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Unearthly

Health 1070
Karma 250


Minerology and Interstellar commerce




The origin of the alien being known as Terminus is unknown. Operating a gigantic robotic body from within its head, and wielding a lance-like weapon that projects immensely destructive energy, Terminus has traveled from world to world, wreaking destruction. He despoils planets of the elements of which they are composed, steals highly advanced technology, and enslaves sentient beings inhabiting these planets. It is not known how Terminus uses his slaves and plunder, but it has been speculated that he sells them to unknown clients. Terminus is known to have plundered roughly a thousand planets, rendering them all uninhabitable in the process.

An unknown number of years ago, Terminus ravaged the homeworld of an alien being who was a great scientist. Terminus took the alien scientist as his personal slave, using him as a guide to other planets to plunder. The alien scientist knew that Earth’s human race would give rise to superhuman beings in the twentieth century. Hoping that such beings would be able to stop Terminus, the alien scientist persuaded Terminus to go to Earth. Terminus fired an energy beam toward Earth to mark the planet as his. Traveling at the speed of light, the beam took one hundred years to reach the Earth.

When the beam arrived, it carved letters a half-mile wide in Terminus’s alien language onto Earth’s surface within the continental United States. The letters spelled out: “I claim this world– Terminus.”

The hero team Fantastic Four were investigating the beam’s massive destruction when they witnessed the arrival of Terminus himself. Displeased with the planet, Terminus hurled the alien scientist, whom he had brought with him, to his death, but not before it managed to tell the Fantastic Four about Terminus. Terminus now set about releasing incredible amounts of atomic energy, wreaking tremendous destruction, in order to begin breaking down Earth’s mass into its component elements.

The Fantastic Four battled Terminus, and after She-Hulk took away Terminus’s lance, Mister Fantastic attached a device to Terminus’s robotic body that caused it to crash through the Earth toward its core, believing it defeated.

Without his lance, it took months for Terminus to dig his way up to Earth’s surface. Terminus managed to reclaim his lance and began wreaking havoc in the Savage Land, a hidden tropical jungle in Antarctica. He next unleashed a destructive storm of atomic energy in Pangea, another jungle bordering the Savage Land. Not only were huge numbers of Pangea’s inhabitants killed outright by the atomic storm, but the devastation created by Terminus triggered a series of earthquakes that wrecked the advanced technology that maintained tropical conditions in Pangea. The earthquakes also snuffed the volcanoes that produced the heat used in maintaining the Savage Land’s tropical environment. As a result, both the Savage Land and Pangea rapidly fell victim to Antarctica’s frigid natural cold.

Terminus was attacked in Pangea by the team of superhuman champions known as the Avengers. One of their members, Hercules, ripped open Terminus’s robotic body, leaving Terminus himself helpless. Hercules left the body there, and it was soon buried beneath the snows of a raging blizzard. Although the nature of Terminus’s physiology remained unknown, the Avengers believed the alien was defeated.

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