Identity: Nicolette Giroux

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Typical
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 135
Karma 56
Resources Typical
Popularity -10


Gaseous Life: Tempest’s body is completely composed of gases, without any solid (or even liquid) components above the microscopic level. It is a coherent cloud that retains its integrity even in the face of Unearthly Intensity winds. Tempest can more at will in any direction and even penetrate liquids and permeable solids. However, she cannot freely move in a vacuum. Tempest would be immobilized if converted to liquid or solid forms but would take no damage from this act. Tempest can freely expand or contract, minimum size is one cubic foot, maximum size can fill a volume equivalent to the average shopping mall. Inhaling Tempest can be a fatal act since her gases can prevent required gases from reaching the lungs. She possesses a natural form of Phasing that permits them to penetrate solids.
Air Control: Unearthly
Whirlwind: Unearthly
Water Control: Unearthly
Earth Control: Unearthly
Fire Control: Unearthly
Weather Control: Unearthly
Plant Control: Monstrous
Plant Growth: Incredible


Law Enforcement, Bi-lingual (French and English), Hunting, Survival




An international Game Warden working to track down ringleaders in the illegal exotic-bird trade. Passionately dedicated to her job and to environmental issues, Giroux has not advanced as far in her career as one of her skills might be expected to. Her idealism does not permit compromise, and she has clashed repeatedly with her superiors over methods of operation and over political relaxation of various international game restrictions. Her track record, however, is commendable-few in her field have achieved her kind of success.

While tracking illegal trappers in the rain forests of northern Australia she happened upon the lost Temple of Watoomb. Bathing in the waterfall, she became Watoomb’s exemplar, Tempest.

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