Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Incredible
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Incredible

Health 130
Karma 80
Resources Amazing
Popularity 20


Animal Control Communication-Sea Life: Incredible
Water Freedom: Garth doesn’t suffer penalties in under-water battles and recieves +1CS Fighting, Endurance and Strength.
Water Breathing: Garth possess the ability to breathe both air and water without penalty.
Hyper Swimming: Remarkable water speed
Ultra Vision: Remarkable ability to see clearly through fog and water.
Body Resistance: Excellent
Telepathy: Garth possesses the ability to communicate telepathically with all Atlanteans at Excellent level

Magic: Novice of Atlantean magic

Kinetic Bolt: Incredible Force damage emmited through his eyes.
Heat Generation: Incredible energy damage from left hand:
Cold Generation: Incredible energy damage from right hand
Water Control: Amazing ability
Water Blast: Incredible ability and damage
Create funnels, tidal waves etc
He will obtain more abilities as he learns and grows.


Atlantean Trident: Made from Unearther strength material and is capable of inflicting Incredible edged damage. The trident is also able to magnify the use of Atlantean magic. Garth uses the trident to focus his spells gaining a +1CS on intensity and duration.


Tempest needs to immerse himself in water for at least an hour every 24 hrs to keep his powers and stats at peak levels. For every two hours past that point, reduce all his physical stats and powers 1 rank. This affects his Health too. One hour’s immersion in water will immediatley restore all lost ranks and health. Garth can bypass this limitation by drawing moisture from the air and replenshing himself.


Oceanography, Oceangeography, Mystic Background


Aquaman, The Titans, Atlan, Dolphin, Atlantis


In ancient Atlantis many cities survived their being submerged through different ways. One such group was a pacifist race called the Idyllists. The heir to the Idyllist throne, Prince Garth, was abandoned because of his purple eye color, a trait viewed as a mutation by the people. Left alone he was found and taken in by Aquaman. The two were both abandoned by their peoples and the kindred spirits were like a Father and Son. Garth even took up the name Aqualad and worked with Aquaman fighting crime and protecting the oceans. Garth had a special place in Arthur’s Court in Poseidonis and lived a happy life as a hero. His adventures with Aquaman above the sea led to Aqualad to encounter other heroes that had older counterparts. In fact, an encounter with the heroes Robin and Kid Flash led to the establishment of the first team of sidekicks, the Teen Titans to overcome Mr. Twister’s threat to the town of Hatton Corners. These three, along with Speedy and Wonder Girl grouped up again a short time later when their mentors were under the influence of the alien Antithesis. In the aftermath of their victory over the alien, the five teens decided to form a team of their own, in the tradition of the Justice League. Garth was the one who came up with the name Teen Titans, and so a legend was begun. Sometime during the first year of the team’s existence, Garth also began dating a Poseidonian girl named Tula, who eventually took the codename Aquagirl and began joining him on various adventures. Garth loved her very deeply and the two became close in a short amount of time. She would use scientific means to enable coming above the surface of the water and assisted Garth as Aquagirl.

Garth stayed active with the team until his presence was required back in Poseidonis after Mera was abducted, precipitating a prolonged search for her by Aquaman. At this point, he went on inactive status, with Speedy taking his place on the team. He returned briefly during the team’s non-powered, non-costumed phase seeking their assistance due to a threat by the Ocean Master. The rest of the Titans, in a pacifist mode after Dr. Swenson’s death, were reluctant to become involved, but eventually capitulated. This major philosophical difference led to Garth’s remaining on inactive status for the remainder of the team’s first incarnation.

Aqualad rejoined the team during its second incarnation, joining his original teammates along with heroes including Bumblebee, the Herald, Joker’s Daughter and Titans’ West. During this time period, however, Garth’s participation was marred by several bouts of illness. The cause of the illness was revealed to be psychological in origin, due to Garth’s growing feelings of inadequacy to the team, spurred by his body’s need to have periodic contact with water. His body responded to this feeling and he was often sick for a time.

Even after the second version of the Titans disbanded, Garth’s involvement from then on remained on an inactive basis. He would come to the aid of his teammates whenever needed, however. Some of the major cases that he was involved with during the third incarnation of the team included finding and recovering the Gordanian ship which took the Titans to rescue Starfire from her sister Blackfire; and the final defeat of the H.I.V.E. at their underwater base near Poseidonis, in which not only he and Tula were instrumental in the defeat, but in which Garth single-handedly destroyed a missile that was seconds away from destroying Poseidonis.

He was called to help the entire hero community to avert the Crisis on Infinite Earths that threatened Earth’s continuing existence. It was the same world-shattering event that cost Garth his love Tula, among other heroes who died. He stayed in Atlantis and mourned for Tula. The emotional impact of Tula’s death still reverberates within him, even today. Coming to assist the team at Wonder Girl’s request, the struggle to find emotional balance after losing his first and only love reached a crisis point after Garth was abducted by Harpi, a member of Steve Dayton’s Hybrid team. Captured and taken to Dayton’s private island retreat, Garth was subjected to mental and physical abuse by Dayton, at the time insane due to the effects of continued use of the Mento helmet. The psychic battle between the two grieving men resulted in disruption of Garth’s telepathic ability to communicate with sea life. The patterns of this power were never quite restored properly, and have since appeared to have left Garth completely.

Even with his status being inactive, Garth has remained part of the heart and soul of the Titans. He put his support behind Arsenal when he attempted to reunify the team with the assistance of the U.S. government.

It was upon Aquaman ‘s losing his left hand that Garth, Aquaman and an aquatic heroine called Dolphin all went to Poseidonis. Immediately Garth flirted with Dolphin, though not neccesarily extremely well at first. Once again Garth had resigned to assist Aquaman, who was having revelations about his own life, until he met a shark woman named Letifos. A chance encounter with Letifos turned the slightly mild Garth into a man obsessed.

Letifos resembled Tula so greatly Garth was convinced they were one and the same. Despite Tula and Letifos being different species he pursued her still. His actions led to him being taken by by the sorcerer Atlan (Aquaman’s biological father) Aquaman’s father Atlan to another dimension to begin mystic training. Garth spent several years in that dimension, learning the tools of the mage’s trade. It was in Garth’s blood to become the greatest mage of his people and to inherit great powers from their legacy. Atlan took it upon himself to prepare Garth for this and returned him to the standard plane of existence afterward.

Time had passed differently and Aquaman and Dolphin, who had begun a romantic relationship, saw a very confident and competent Garth emerge. Shortly after he and Atlan went off to work more on his growing magical powers. During this time, near Shayeris (the kingdom of his birth parents), Garth and Atlan were attacked by soldiers wearing ancient Atlantean armor. His ultimate surprise came, when after Atlan was mysteriously abducted, Tula appeared! Garth had to unravel the secrets surrounding Atlan’s disappearance, Tula’s return and the theft of his powers after a ceremony in which they were supposed to have been ‘sealed’ within him permanently.

Before Garth’s ascension to the power of his birthright his jealous and demented uncle Slizzath came into the picture. A creature of immense evil who was ultimately revealed to be Garth’s paternal uncle, once passed over for the Idylist throne in favor of his younger brother, Thar, Garth’s father, because Slizzath practiced dark magiks and was considered unsuitable. Learning of Garth’s coming into his magical heritage, Slizzath was determined to steal Garth’s birthright so he could use his power to escape the dimensional prison he had been placed in by Thar prior to the king’s assassination at the hands of the Idylists and nearly succeeded in doing so by using a reanimated Tula to manipulate Garth. He overcame the opposition and his destiny was fulfilled.

In the process of defeating Slizzath, Garth learned that his mother, Queen Berra, was alive. Having believed her to be dead and still angry for her abandonment of him, Garth still has to work out his relationship with her. Ultimately, to defeat Slizzath, Garth had to destroy the vessel of the theft of his power — the construct the necromancer had created in Tula’s image. Initially unwilling to do this, Garth was prompted to take this step by the sharkwoman Letifos, who had come to his aid. Once the vessel was destroyed, Garth’s birthright – his magical, elemental powers – returned to him and he was able to send Slizzath back into his dimensional prison, freeing Atlan in the process.

Taking the name Tempest Garth became a new and powerful hero. He became the Atlantean ambassador to the United Nations and rejoined a newly formed Titans team with his original teammates. A flirtation between Dolphin and Tempest resulted in a serious relationship they kept hidden from Aquaman, who was previously involved with Dolphin. They eventually told him and he accepted it. A pregnancy and a marriage later Dolphin and Garth had a baby boy called Cerdian. Garth named his child Cerdian for Aquaman who was trying to show the people of Cerdia that they were a legitimate part of Atlantis after their war had ended. Garth remains ambassador and lives in Atlantis to raise his son while spending time above land as a diplomat and Titan.

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