Identity: Marie-Anne Colbert

Fighting Poor
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Amazing

Health 40
Karma 90
Resources Typical
Popularity 8


Image Animation: Tarot is able to psionically cause figures and objects on the tarot cards she carries to materialize, grow to life as if the figure was a living being, and act under Tarot’s mental control. The exact properties of the replica reflects its appearance and desired function. The maximum rank of any property that such a replica possesses is Incredible. Her replica’s remain in existance as long as she concentrates on them.


Standard tarot deck in a hip pouch.


Occult Lore: Tarot




One of the most powerful of the Hellions, Marie-Ange Colbert’s powers were always in question. She carried with her a stack of Tarot cards, and the card that she drew could be turned into a beast which she controlled. From this ability her codename was derived, Tarot. She also had the ability to predict the future with remarkable accuracy. It was never determined whether her powers were mutant or magikal in nature.

Little is known of her back ground except that she was born in France. A mystery surrounds her to this day – since she could predict the future, why did she not predict and thus prevent the deaths of the Hellions? The readers will probably never know, since the writers have long since forgotten.

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