Identity: Elizabeth Twoyoungman

Fighting Good
Agility Typical
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 56
Karma 110
Resources Typical
Popularity 5



Magic: Master of Druidic magic

Personal Spells:
Energy Absorbtion/ Reflection: Talisman has Amazing ability to take mystical energy focused at her in an attack, absorb it, reshape it, and send it back at her attacker. She may also disrupt and manipulate any magical force she touches.
Flight: Talisman has ability to levitate and fly at Remarkable airspeed and ability.
Sensing Evil: Talisman need not cast a spell for this inherent power will automatically warn her of evil. This spell has an Incredible area of effect.
Sensing Mystical Energies: This inherent power automatically tells her that magic is present. This ability has an Incredible area of effect and no FEAT roll is required.
Special: Mystic Call: When Talisman wishes to summon members of the Alpha Flight team for help, she sends out an Amazing rank mystic call, which they all “feel.” If she fails a power rank FEAT roll, the summons becomes a compulsion that the character is forced to obey. When she is in great danger, this call with an Unearthly range (all of Canada) automatically goes out to a character she knows can help her, usually her father.
All other Personal spells she can use are of Remarkable power rank.
Universal Spells
Eldritch Beams/Bolts has proven capable of generating bolts of mystic energy of Incredible intensity.
Nature Control – All: Twoyoungman’s primary use of this power is to contact, summon, and/or control spiritual forms, such as using the spirits of the earth to cause an earthquake or the spirits of the air to generate gusts of wind. The spirits obey out of fear, although most often Twoyoungman entreats the entities rather than truly force her will upon them. She does this with Monstrous rank.
All other Universal spells she may use are of a Remarkable power rank.
Dimensional Spells
Dimensional Aperture: Twoyoungman can bridge barriers between time and space with Monstrous ability. This allow her to teleport herself or others and also to traverse a multitude of dimensions.
All other Dimensional spells she may use are of an Excellent power rank.


Coronet of Enchantment: Permanently attached to her head, it helps her focus her energies as Talisman gaining a +1CS to all FEAT and power ranks for her spells.


Mystic Background, Resist Domination, Trance


Alpha Flight


When she was four years old, Elizabeth Twoyoungman’s mother Kathryn became terminally ill with cancer. Her father Michael (later known as the hero Shaman) was a world class doctor, and he promised Elizabeth that he would make Kathryn all better. When Kathryn did indeed die, Michael left Elizabeth with his neighbors, the Hudsons (who would become the heroes Guardian and Vindicator.) Elizabeth was similarly emotionally crushed, and she blamed her father for his apparent failure.

Studying to become an archaeologist, Elizabeth was working on a dig when she stumbled upon an old human skull. Once unearthed, the skull released a horrific apparition which howled the word “REVENGE”. Elizabeth was forced to turn to the only person she knew with knowledge in such areas, her father, who was serving as Shaman in the hero team Alpha Flight. The demon released from the dig turned out to be the Great Beast Ranq, and after the Beast was defeated by the Twoyoungmans and Alpha Flight, due to Elizabeth donning the mystical circlet that her father gave her. Elizabeth was discovered to be the “Chosen One,” a guardian of Earth also known as the Talisman, the Binder of Spirits. Unfortunately, Elizabeth discovered that she could not take the circlet off, which forced her into a role she didn’t want to take. As Talisman, Elizabeth joined Alpha Flight alongside her father.

Elizabeth served with Alpha Flight for several adventures. At one point, the Alphan Snowbird was in danger of turning into the Great Beast Tanaraq, and to help her father save her, Elizabeth was forced to travel into the dimension that Shaman tapped into for his own mystical powers.

Unfortunately, Shaman was forced to decide between saving Snowbird and Elizabeth, and Shaman saved Snowbird first, which left Elizabeth trapped and presumed lost. Elizabeth was later saved by the omnipotent being known as the Beyonder, but instead of reuniting with her father and Alpha Flight, she blamed Shaman for not saving her, just as he did not save her mother. In a rage, she left Alpha Flight and Shaman.

Months later, Elizabeth tried to gain revenge on Shaman and Snowbird, by tricking her father into choosing a wrong mystical place of power for the goddess Snowbird to conceive her baby. Instead, the baby was filled with the evil spirit known as Pestilence. Elizabeth then confronted her father with her plan, knowing that she had shown-up her father, but when she tried to bind the spirit of Pestilence, it defeated Elizabeth instead, ripping the phsyical source of her powers– the circlet– from her forehead. Elizabeth passed out from pain and the loss of her powers. Shaman donned the circlet himself, calling himself the new Talisman, and defeated Pestilence. Elizabeth returned to archeology.

After several months past, Elizabeth was on an archeological dig when she discovered an ancient cairn. Somehow, the cairn jump-started her instincts as the Binder of Spirits, and she was contacted by the spirit of Snowbird, warning her of the demon, Dreamqueen. Elizabeth and Alpha Flight began having intense visions about the Dreamqueen, and Elizabeth re-joined the team. In final battle with the demon, Elizabeth’s father believed she had proven herself worthy to reclaim her position as Talisman, and voluntarily turned the circlet over to her. Once again the Talisman, Elizabeth helped Alpha Flight defeat the Dreamqueen.

Elizabeth’s greatest challenge was against Llan the Sorcerer, who claimed Talisman was his ancient nemesis. After a series of preliminary battled, Llan was able to force Elizabeth to attack him, the final act which would allow the Sorcerer to open the Gateway of Night and thereby destroy the world. With the help of Doctor Strange, Elizabeth opened the Gateway of Day and the two portals cancelled each other out, defeating Llan.

Soon afterwards, Alpha Flight encountered the Master and, in an attempt to defeat his Remnant Men, Elizabeth had to filter through all of the magic of the dimension within Shaman’s pouch, a feat which left her comatose.

After a while she recovered and was used by a new version of the villainous Omega Flight to release a race of flesh-eating creatures known as the Ska’ar onto the Earth. Working with Alpha’s proteges, Beta Flight, she was able to battle the Master and Omega Flight and return the Ska’ar to their prison. Elizabeth then became a member of Beta Flight, and served as a member until Department H, the government sponsor of Alpha and Beta Flights, disbanded both teams. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

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