Supreme Intelligence

Fighting Feeble
Agility Feeble
Strength Feeble
Endurance Poor
Reason Unearthly
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Unearthly

Health 10
Karma 275
Resources Class 1000
Popularity 0 / 100 with Kree


Dimension Travel: Good ability to transport others to the Negative Zone.
Hallucination: Monstrous at intergalactic range
Mental Duplication: The Supreme Intelligence consists of the combined minds of millions of independant but subservient Kree.
Mind Control: Excellent control over Kree
Mind Probe: Unearthly at intergalactic range
Mind Transferral: The Supreme Intelligence can simultaneously transfer its consciousness into up to 3 automatons at intergalactic range.
Resistance to Psionics: Class 1000
Telepathy: Class 5000
Teleport Others: Class 5000
Body Armor: Its fluid filled tank gives Shift-Z body armor against physical attacks.


Leadership, All scientific and professional skills.


Kree race.


Although the Kree lack the genetic potential for the psionic powers of human beings, the Supreme Intelligence possesses certain artificial psionic powers. It can project images or even short dream-scenarios into the unconscious brains of other living beings. This power defies distance: the Supremor has been known to project information from its home in the Greater Magellanic Cloud to human beings in the neighboring Milky Way Galaxy. It can also cybernetically animate android automatons capable of movement. Up to three of these automatons can be animated by the Supreme Intelligence at a single time.

The Supreme Intelligence possesses vast psionic powers, the full range and extent remain unknown but have proven to be on a cosmic level. Among the mental powers at its desposal, the Intelligence has proven capable of mental communication, mind probes, mental domination of others, transfer of consciousness into automatons, creation of hallucinations and illusions, transporting others into the Negative Zone, teleporting itself or others interstellar distances, and similar mental feats. It is believed that the Intelligence can only function while its absorbed personalities remain cooperative, although it may have long since overcame this debility.

The Supreme Intelligence is a vast cybernetic/organic computer system which has ruled the extraterrestrial Kree Empire for almost a million years. The Supreme Intelligence is composed of a vast 5,000 cubic foot computer incorporating the disembodied bruins of the greatest Kree statesmen and philosophers in its history, preserved cryogenically. The aggregation of brains creates a single collective intelligence able to use the vast information storage and processing capacities of the computer in a creative way. The Supreme Intelligence, or Supremor (Supreme Organism) as it is also known, had long used a 40 by 60-foot monitor screen, onto which it projects its image– a green-hued amorphous face sprouting tentacles from its cranium. The Supreme Intelligence also used a network of input terminals and surveillance devices located throughout the capital city. Supremor is capable of speech, independent thought, and certain technologically enhanced psionic powers.

Every five local sun-cycles the populace of the Kree Empire elects a delegate to “supremorship,” the privilege to become part of the Supreme Intelligence upon corporeal death. When the delegate dies a natural death, his brain is removed and specially treated for transference into the group mind-construct. Due to this continual addition of new brains into the collective intellect, the personality of the Supreme Intelligence has varied over the decades.

The Supreme Intelligence was originally devised by the Science Council of the Kree in the Kree Year 4538 (about 990,750 B.C.) for the purpose of creating a Cosmic Cube, a device of great power that the Kree had learned was once developed by their rivals, the Skrulls. When the Supreme Intelligence became fully functional, however, the collective being determined that such an object was far too dangerous to construct and thus refused the Science Council’s request. At first used in an advisory capacity, the Supreme Intelligence gradually acquired greater political power until it was elected absolute ruler of the entire Empire in the Kree Year 4791. The Supremor has remained the dominating political force in the Kree Empire except for recent periods when it was briefly deposed by its rebel aide Ronan, and shut down by a time by the renegade Captain Mar-Vell.

One of the Supremor’s most closely guarded secrets was that the Kree race has reached the pinnacle of its evolutionary path. To the consternation of certain of its pure-blooded, blue-skinned aides, it began advocating interbreeding with other genetically compatible races in order to revitalize the Kree’s stagnant evolution. The Supremor personally undertook two programs to invigorate the race. Sensing that an Earthman named Rick Jones had vast evolutionary potential (a potential the Supremor experimentally verified when it stimulated Jones’ latent abilities at the end of an outbreak of the perennial Kree-Skrull War), the Supreme Intelligence arranged to have him “bonded” by means of the Kree “nega-bands” with Captain Mar-Vell, one of the Kree Empire’s greatest war heroes. The Supremor sought to add Jones’s brain to its collective organism but could not “absorb” it directly unless it was tempered by contact with a Kree brain such as Mar-Vell’s. Using the unique Kree-bred flower called the Millenium Bloom, the Supreme Intelligence hoped to absorb both Jones’s and Mar-Vell’s brains, and then use their bodies as receptacles for its own consciousness in a direct assault against Earth. When this attempt failed, the Supreme Intelligence tried a similar ploy whose target was Ms. Marvel (now Warbird), an Earth woman who had been imprinted with the genetic information of the Kree warrior Mar-Veil. This scheme also met with failure.

Recently the Supreme Intelligence began to include the minds of pink-skinned Kree. Although the newcomers were instantly at war with the earlier blue-skinned Kree minds and threatened to undo the coherence of the Supreme Intelligence, the being was able to retain control thanks to a so-called Soul Gem (actually, the Infinity Gem with the power over the Mind.) However, the gem was stolen when the alien Silver Surfer escaped the attempt by Supreme Intelligence to absorb his mind. The Supreme Intelligence collapsed into a coma as the warring personalities splintered into their age-old conflict. Control of the Kree Empire reverted to the Supreme Intelligence’s chief assistant, a Skrull spy under incredibly deep cover.

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