Conner Kent

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Amazing
Strength Excellent
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 140
Karma 60
Resources Good
Popularity 30


Solar Energy Absorption: Superboy absorbs and stores solar radiation at Class 1000 rank, similar to Superman. If depleted of his solar energy reserves Superboy is powerless and considered a normal human.
Regeneration/Recovery: Fuel by absorbed solar energy Superboy has a super-healing factor at Incredible rank that enables recovering from disease and combat easier.
Tactile Telekinesis: Unearthly. Superboy has a telekinetic energy field that surrounds his body. The theory now is that if he can picture moving it with his mind, and he can touch it, it will be done. When unconscious, Superboy’s telekinetic field drops, and he can get hurt like any normal human.
Force Field: Monstrous vs Physical. Incredible vs Energy. As of yet, he doesn’t have complete control over energy deflection and gets hurt a lot easier by energy attacks than by solids. It does not protect against gases
Strength Boost: Superboy can increase his strength to Unearthly as his Tactile-telekinesis approximates super-strength. This does not increase his health and can not really be counted as true super-strength.
Flight: Shift-X. At top speed, he can outrun a high speed train, or fly coast to coast in under 4 hours, and has out flown a jet flying at Mach 3.
Energy Blast- Shockwave: Amazing Superboy has also gotten a little more creative with his powers and has learned to manipulate the ground to cause explosions through sheer will power. He may also such cause the disassembling of an object with a touch.
Hyper-Speed: Superboy possesses Remarkable reflexes. He has stopped bullets in mid air.
Superhuman Senses: Superboy’s heightened senses are as below:
Enhanced Hearing: Amazing
Microscopic Vision: Remarkable
Telescopic Vision: Typical
Heat Vision: Monstrous heat.


Professor Emil Hammilton created specs for Superboy that he later destroyed. These spec’s permitted the following:
Microscopic Vision: Remarkable
Telescopic Vision: Typical
Penetration Vision-Xrays: Unearthly
Infared Vision: Remarkable
Heat Vision: Mostrous


Superboy is vulnerable to Krytonite an irradiated ore from the planet of Krypton. He is powered by a particular wavelength of energy, which happens to be rather abundant in our sun. Kryptonite either destroys or interrupts this because it’s radiation is in a wavelength, which is similar to sunlight, but causes a different process to occur. In other words, the kryptonite radiation “chases out” the sunlight.
Green Kryptonite: causes his body’s cells to deteriorate, similar to radiation poisoning in a human being. Exposure to Green Kryptonite causes Superboy to lose all his powers at -1CS per round. He also loses 1 rank of Strength and Endurance (with its loss of Health) per round until death occurs at Shift-0 Endurance. Removal of the Green Kryptonite enables Superboy’s body to regain lost ranks at a rate of one per round


Martial Arts A B


Young Justice, Suicide Squad, Superman, Cir-El, Teen Titans


After Superman’s death at the hands of Doomsday, his body was taken to the Cadmus Project where director Paul Westfield unsuccessfully tried to clone Superman. However whereas the Cadmus scientists had not been able to clone Superman’s DNA, other experiments based on Superman’s aura combined with the DNA of Paul Westfield, director of Cadmus at the time, were successful and resulted in the clone now known as Superboy, the closest human equivalent to a Kryptonian that Cadmus geneticists were capable of creating.

During the growth period the clone was stuffed with various memory implants (including math, science, history, and movies) that matched up to his body’s biological age. The clone was also made to believe that he was actually the clone of Superman. When the new Newsboy Legion discovered that Westfield and Carl Packard tried to implant code words that would enable them to control the clone once completed, they broke free the not yet fully grown clone. Aided by the new Newsboy Legion, the clone escaped the Cadmus Project. When one of the newsboys called him Superboy, the kid was extremely annoyed and noted that his name was Superman. Believing himself to be a clone of Superman, Superboy attempted to pick up where Superman had left off. When he tried to take Superman’s place in Metropolis, his adventures were shared by a young reporter, Tana Moon. But when the Man of Steel returned, a side effect of that return was Superboy feeling out of place. When he felt no longer necessary, he began looking for something to do with his life.

Superboy then decided to go Hollywood and got manager Rex Leech to represent him. Superboy and his Business managers Roxy and Rex Leech packed up and left Metropolis for a Superboy tour. After the tour ended in Hawaii Superboy decided it was the perfect place for him to settle down. It didn’t hurt Superboy’s decision when he learned that the reporter he had flirted with in Metropolis, Tana, had relocated to Hawaii, where she had grown up. He developed a relationship with Tana as well as the villainous Female Fury Knockout from Apokolips. He and Special Crimes Unit Officer Sam Makoa became friends, though their different methods caused some tension. He developed a bit of a rogues gallery and even worked with super criminals in the Suicide Squad for a brief time. Superboy was given a dog named Krypto from Superman’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, Bibbo Bibbowski. Forced to go to school by a truant officer Superboy was soon allowed to continue his home schooling from Dubbilex after conflicts with super villains came to school with Superboy.

Superboy gained more experience and made a name for himself in the world and the universe. On a quest through space, Superboy became a symbol of justice and hope that are trademark to the symbol he wears on his chest. Superboy made his impression in the 30th century and became an honorary member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and given his own Legion flight ring.

As Superboy aged his genetic structure began to lose stability as many clones from Project Cadmus were finding out. He was saved from the “clone plague” by having his genetic template retrofitted to that of Roxy’s with the resulting effect of his aging being halted completely.

Superboy has managed to survive fighting a mindless clone of himself, as well as helping save Superman from capital punishment at the hands of the Intergalactic Tribunal, and was a key factor in breaking up the Silicon Dragons, a deadly hi-tech gang of criminals that held Hawaii in a grip of terror.

Superboy had been a very popular public figure in Hawaii, but due to his mismanaged public appearances, and lack of respect to the old Hawaiian legends, he has found his approval rating falling. After his visit to the “Wild Lands” he has decided to be a field agent for the newly restructured Cadmus outside of Metropolis.

On a trip to Superman’s Fortress of Soltitude, Superboy learned of the Pandora’s Box that was opened because of cloning and its contribution to the Krypton Kataclysm. That same day, Superman gave Superboy a new sense of identity by officially receiving him into the House of El and taking the name Kon-El, the name of a Kryptonian without a family of his own that proved himself worthy of being accepted into the House of El, appropriately.

A trip through Hypertime and a race for his life with in a competition called the Demolition Run. Stuck inside the Project Superboy was subjected to an age altering explosion of magic that was destroying him. With a magic spell aging him to adulthood and his genetic structure keeping him stuck at sixteen he was being eaten away. Serling Roquette, a teenage prodigy and a geneticist for Cadmus, undid the aging limit on Superboy’s body and stabilized his condition resulting in a normal aging Superboy after the debacle was resolved. However, his powers were missing and Superboy was a regular human being. After being hit with a lot of solar energy by a fire being that was controlling Roxy Superboy had his powers restored, he had merely lost his solar reserves in the crisis that caused his aging to begin.

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