Arthur Dearborn

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Amazing
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Typical

Health 190
Karma 56
Resources Excellent
Popularity 0


Body Armor: Sunturion’s body has been permanently transformed into microwave radiation, which is encased in a special containment suit. This containment suit provides him with Incredible protection against physical and energy attacks. If Sunturion’s containment suit is ruptured, he causes Amazing radiation damage to everyone in a 10′ radius but is stunned for 1 turn. Thereafter, everyone within 10′ of Sunturion’s body takes Feeble damage from microwave radiation.
Force Field: Sunturion can generate a force field around himself of Monstrous intensity. If he extends the force field around others, the force field is reduced to Amazing intensity. The force field has a maximum diameter of one area.
Resistance/Absorption: Sunturion has Shift-X resistance to light, radiation, and laser energies, and is able to absorb such energies in order to replenish lost health.
Body Transformation: Sunturion can transform into pure microwave energy at will. In energy form, he is intangible and cannot be harmed by physical or most energy attacks. Energy attacks that disrupt his energy state do power rank damage. Sunturion cannot attack while in energy form.
Flight: Sunturion can fly at Shift-X speed.
Energy Beams: Sunturion can fire concentrated beams of microwave radiation, causing up to Monstrous radiation or Amazing heat damage, at a range of 20 areas.
Sunturion can also cause Amazing radiation or Incredible heat damage within one area.
Energy Lock: Sunturion can detect, locate and lock onto energy transmissions with Amazing ability for a variety of effects. By locking onto radio transmissions, he is able to determine the precise location of the source of the communications. By locking onto the transmissions of an energy based weapon, he is able to channel his own energy beams back to the weapon, bypassing any protections it may have. Sunturion can also cause any electronic device he locks onto to overload and become useless for 1-10 turns, with Amazing ability. Locking onto a signal requires a successful power FEAT roll.
Energy Boost: Sunturion can use his body’s energy to power any electronic device, increasing its potency by up to Monstrous rank. Sunturion must touch the electronic device in order to boost its power.
Teleportation: Sunturion can teleport himself, with at least Class 1000 ability. He has been observed to instantly teleport himself to any place on Earth, as well as to and from outer space. He cannot teleport others.
Life Support: As a being composed of energy, Sunturion no longer needs to eat, sleep, breathe, or eliminate waste products. He can comfortably survive in the vacuum of space. It is unknown if Sunturion can be killed, but his energies can be temporarily dissipated. For example, each time Sunturion uses his Force Field, Energy Beams, Area Blast, Energy Touch or Energy Boost powers at greater than listed rank, he must make a Red Endurance FEAT roll or dissipate. Depending on the amount of energy expended, it could take Sunturion as little as minutes to as many as years to reconstitute his body.


Engineering, Microwave Radiation


Roxxon Oil, Iron Man (He knows Iron Man’s secret identity).


Arthur Dearborn began his career as a design engineer for the Roxxon Oil Corporation. Dearborn designed a space station that would serve as a reception and storage unit for solar radiation. The solar energy would then be converted into microwave energy, and transmitted down in a tight beam to receiving antennas on Earth. Roxxon liked the idea, but the company accountants said that the cost of keeping a crew on board, to repair and evaluate problems, would make it too costly.

For this reason, Dearborn volunteered for some experiments being done by one of Roxxon’s subsidiaries, the Brand Corporation. The experiments converted Dearborn’s body mass into microwave energy that he could mentally control. Since Dearborn no longer needed food or air to survive, he volunteered to be come the entire crew of his solar space station. Roxxon agreed, an built the space station, Star Well I, in orbit. The space station was pro vided with radar jamming devices, to prevent intervention from governments or rival corporations. A few months after the station be came operational, there was an accident. A transmission malfunction occurred, bathing Allantown, Iowa with the microwave beams, killing everyone.

The hero Iron Man traced the microwave energy to its source, Star Well I. Iron Man met Sunturion, the station’s guardian, and Arthur Dearborn. Iron Man accused the Star Well of causing the deaths, and Dearborn admitted to a slight malfunction at the time of the deaths. Dearborn insisted that the lives of a few hundred people meant nothing since they were developing a power source that could save billions. Before Iron Man could shut down the station, it was attacked by Russian “killer satellites.” Iron Man and Sunturion worked together, and defeated the satellites. A Roxxon leader, Mr. Hale, then contacted the space station. Finding out of about Iron Man’s presence, Hale tried to activate the station’s self-destruct device, but Iron Man had already disconnected it. Iron Man then set out to remove the station’s solar panels, rendering the station’s solar energy gathering powers. Sunturion intervened, and during the battle between the two men, the Star Well was knocked out of orbit. As the massive station began to fall to Earth, Iron Man calculated that its debris would fall right on top of Sarasota, Florida. Iron Man tried to use his deflector beam to push the Star Well away from its course, but it wasn’t powerful enough. Sunturion asked Iron Man to try again, which he did at the same time Sunturion used the energy that composed his body to increase Iron Man’s deflector beam. This time it worked, knocking the Star Well into the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, Sunturion’s body was apparently totally dissipated.

At one point, Roxxon tried to reintegrate Sunturion, using some sort of Sunturion “suit,” but the experiment failed, due to the inadvertent involvement of the hero Daredevil.

Later, Roxxon lost control of another employee, Stratosfire, who had been given microwave powers like Sunturion. This time, they successfully reintegrated Sunturion and asked him to stop Stratosfire. After stopping the stunned Iron Man from being killed by Stratosfire, the Sunturion and Iron Man joined forces to stop her. Iron Man and Sunturion next fought Stratosfire during the launch of a space shuttle containing some orbital “Star Wars” technology. While Iron Man distracted her, Sunturion sneaked up behind her and put his hands inside her body. Sunturion then activated a special self-destruct device built into Stratosfire’s body. She had discovered the device and had been jamming the signals to it. Sunturion was caught in the explosion which apparently destroyed Stratosfire. Sunturion reverted to his human form and began to fall, but he was saved by Iron Man. The explosion somehow reverted Dearborn’s molecules back to normal, causing him to lose his microwave powers.

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