Leyu Yashida

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 46
Karma 22
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Plasma Generation: Sunpyre’s powers are very similar to those of her brother. She is able to generate superheated plasma with Un ability, which she uses for a variety of effects. She is able to perform the following power stunts:
She can generate a bolt of plasma which inflicts either Unearthly physical or Monstrous heat or radiation damage.
She can fly at Excellent airspeed
She can create a flaming sheath around her which provides her with Amazing protection from energy attacks and Good protection from physical attacks.
She can manipulate the nucular bonds within elements with Amazing ability. This allows her to reshape and manipulate objects at will.


Martial Arts B C E, Genetics, Bi-Lingual: Japanese, English


Banshee, Xcorp, Xmen, Sunfire


Leyu Yoshida is the younger sister of the mutant hero Sunfire. It is believed that she is actually his half-sister since Shiro stated that his mother died giving birth to him. She inherited the same powers as Sunfire along with the same arrogence that he showed early in his career.

She first came to light when Jean Summers contacted Sunfire for aid against Magneto, who had kidnapped Charles Xavier. Instead of Sunfire Leyu showed up and claimed Sunfire was not interested but that she thought it would be fun to help them. She journied to Genosha with the rest of Jean’s recruits and was immediately involved in a battle with Magneto.

The master of magnetism easily defeated the young mutant and her teammates. Cyclops and Wolverine rescued the young team and Leyu refused their invitation to remain with the team. Sometime later she reappeared as a chief lieutenant in Banshee’s X-Corp. She was attacked and presumed killed during a mutiny incited by Avalanche and the Blob. What she did between her time with the X-Men and joining X-Corp is unknown

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