Sandra Vincent

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Amazing
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 190
Karma 18
Resources Poor
Popularity 5


Body Transformation: Stratosfire’s body has been permanently transformed into microwave radiation. In energy form, she is intangible and cannot be harmed by physical or most energy attacks. Energy attacks that disrupt her energy state do power rank damage. Stratosfire cannot attack while in energy form.
Self Sustenance: As a being composed of energy, Stratosfire no longer needs to eat, sleep, breathe, or eliminate waste products. She can comfortably survive in the vacuum of space.
Energy Emmision: Stratosfire can fire concentrated beams of microwave radiation, causing up to Unearthly radiation or Monstrous heat damage, at a range of 20 areas. On a red FEAT, the target is completely distintegrated. Targets of Amazing or greater material cannot be disintegrated.
Area Blast: Stratosfire can also cause Monstrous radiation or Amazing heat damage to everyone within one area.
Energy Touch: If Stratosfire grapples an opponent, she is able to project microwave radiation directly into an opponent’s body, bypassing body armor (but not force fields). Stratosfire can cause up to Unearthly radiation damage in this fashion.
Force Field: Stratosfire can generate a force field around herself of Unearthly intensity. If she extends the force field around others, the force field is reduced to Monstrous intensity. The force field has a maximum diameter of one area.
Energy Resistance: Stratosfire has Shift-Y resistance to light, radiation, and laser energies.
Energy Aborbtion: She is able to absorb light, radiation, and laser energies in order to replenish lost health.
True Flight: Stratosfire can fly at Shift-X airspeed.
Energy Boost: Stratosfire can use her body’s energy to power any electronic device, increasing its potency by up to Unearthly rank. Stratosfire must touch the electronic device in order to boost its power.
Energy Detection: Stratosfire can detect, locate and lock onto energy transmissions with Monstrous ability for a variety of effects. By locking onto radio transmissions, she is able to determine the precise location of the source of the communications. By locking onto the transmissions of an energy based weapon, she is able to channel her own energy beams back to the weapon, bypassing any protections it may have. Stratosfire can also take over any electronic device she locks onto with Monstrous ability for 1-10 turns. She has, for example, altered the tracking devices of several air to air missiles while they were in flight, causing them to attack the fighter plane that launched them. She has also forced Iron Man’s armor to shut down. Locking onto a signal requires a successful power FEAT roll.
Teleportation: Stratosfire can teleport herself and any other object or being in her line of sight, with at least Unearthly ability. If she wants to teleport someone/thing against their will, she must make a successful Agility FEAT roll (the Judge controls the color of the FEAT). One of her established battle tactics is to teleport large, bulky objects right into the path of onrushing opponents.


Body Armor: Stratosfire’s body is encased in a special containment suit that solidies her energy and provides her with Incredible protection against physical and energy attacks. If Stratosfire’s containment suit is ruptured, she causes Monstrous radiation damage to everyone in the same area but is stunned for 1 turn. Thereafter, everyone within the same area of Stratosfire’s body takes Feeble damage from microwave radiation.






Sandra Vincent was an idealistic young secretary at Roxxon Oil whose DNA was found to be the only suitable match for a process that would transform her body into pure microwave energy, a process that was used to create Sunturion. Playing on Vincent’s ideals, Roxxon enticed her with the promise of being able to use the tremendous power she would gain as a result of the transformation to benefit mankind. Believing Roxxon’s promises, Vincent agreed to the process and ended up even more powerful than Sunturion. She initially was portrayed as a corporate symbol for Roxxon, with the code-name “Stratosfire,” and used her powers to rescue a number of civilians. However, she was also manipulated into attacking various business rivals of Roxxon. Vincent began to suspect that Roxxon’s interests were less than idealistic, but she convinced herself to look “at the big picture” until Roxxon killed her best friend for contacting Anthony Stark about her suspicions regarding Roxxon. Enraged by Roxxon’s murderous betrayal, Vincent used her powers to begin attacking Roxxon’s interests all over the world. She also began attacking anyone who did not comport with her idealistic “one world” morality. For example, Stratosfire attacked and destroyed a number of nuclear power plants, believing that nuclear energy is unsafe. Stratosfire defeated Iron Man, but was in turn apparently destroyed by the recently revived Sunturion, who managed to activate Stratosfire’s “Zed Control” — a self-destruct device Roxxon had installed in her body. However, it is possible that Stratosfire’s energy form may yet be reconstituted somehow.

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