Utama (“Tom”) Somchart

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Incredible
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Remarkable

Health 225
Karma 120
Resources Typical
Popularity -10


Hyper-Invention: Unearthly
Weapons Tinkering: Unearthly
Total Memory: Monstrous


Body Armor: Stonecutter’s armor provides him with Unearthly protection from physical attacks and Un protection from energy attacks.
Kinetic Bolt: Unearthly
Floating Disk: Monstrous
Force Field: Shift-Z
Power Control (Neutralize): Unearthly
Computer Links/ Control: Unearthly






An itinerant day-worker, with no known professional skills. Somchart is described by childhood friends as a dreamer and graffiti artist, interested in the arts in school but unable to pursue that interest in the workplace. Angry at what he perceived as a system that would not allow him to be what he wanted, Somchart is suspected of spray-painting anti-government slogans in public places. Penalties for these crimes range from imprisonment to disfigurement or execution, and family members begged Somchart to stop taking risks with his life, but he was apparently unable to. Last reported, he was working of and on for a butcher in Chumsaeng, doing manual labor.

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