Walter Newell

Fighting Good
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Incredible
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 130
Karma 40
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 20




Exoskeleton Suit: All powers come from the suit. Powers granted by the suit include:-
Electrical Blast: Incredible Energy. Target must make Endurance FEAT or be knocked unconscious for 1-10 hours.
Hyper-Swimming: Good waterspeed
Waterbreathing: Artificial gills extract oxygen from the water
Gliding: Typical gliding ability. Maximum altitude 100 ft.
Underwater Sight: +2CS to see underwater
Water Freedom: Doesn’t suffer from any penalties for underwater battles.
Body Armor: Excellent protect from physical damage. Amazing vs heat, cold and electricity.
Enhance Attributes: When not in the armor Walter’s normal physical attributes are:
Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Good

Health 130


Oceanography, Aerial Combat




Walter Newell was an oceanographer working for the United States government who had first met and befriended Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner when Newell supervised the construction of a domed sub-sea experimental city that met its demise at the hands of the Plunderer.

Months later, U.S. federal agent Edgar Benton enlisted Newell’s services to investigate the siphoning of water from the Earth’s oceans by reputed extraterrestrials. Benton, suspecting that the Sub-Mariner was collaborating with the aliens against the Earth, wanted Newell to locate Namor and bring him in for questioning. Benton threatened to have the government withdraw funds which supported Newell’s research unless Newell complied. Newell agreed to do so, believing that Namor’s innocence would ultimately be established. In order to overpower Namor in case force was necessary, Newell designed and built a battlesuit which gave him superhuman strength and the ability to maneuver under water. Basing his design on the physiology of the manta ray, he called the suit Stingray, a name that was later applied to him. Wearing the Stingray suit, Newell subdued the Sub-Mariner and brought him in for questioning. When Namor escaped, Stingray was ordered to pursue him. Due largely to the fact that Namor’s abilities were impaired at the time, Stingray bested him, but let him go out of respect.

When an ocean cruiser was sunk some months later by Atlanteans claiming to be subjects of Namor, Newell as Stingray went to investigate. He learned that it was the undersea barbarian Attuma who ordered the attack and, joining forces with Namor and the Inhuman Triton, he helped vanquish Attuma. When Namor’s plans to make a home on the surface world met with resistance, Newell petitioned his congressman to help get Namor official amnesty for his past transgressions. The endeavor failed. Newell succeeded, however, in helping Namor locate his human father Leonard McKenzie. When McKenzie became a pawn for Namor’s enemies to use against him, Newell donned his sub-sea outfit to go to his aid. Despite Stingray’s help, McKenzie was killed by Namor’s enemies, the Tiger Shark and Llyra.

Newell then moved his oceanographic facilities to Hydrobase, an artificial island previously used by the insane ecologist Dr. Hydro, and married Diane Arliss, the sister of Tiger Shark. He became the base’s chief caretaker after Dr. Hydro’s victims were finally cured of the debilitating process Hydro subjected them to. A reluctant adventurer, Newell donned his Stingray uniform to assist the heroes Thing and Scarlet Witch in their struggle against those who would harness the powers of the mystic Serpent Crowns. Most of his time is spent on his oceanographical research.

Later, Newell leased part of Hydrobase to the hero team Avengers for use as their airbase. As caretaker of Hydro-Base and its facilties, Newell became an official associate of the team.

At one point, Iron Man fought and defeated Stingray out of a misguided assumption that Newell had constructed the suit with technology stolen from his alter-ego, Tony Stark. His attempts to destroy the Stingray battlesuit failed because the suit’s technology was unrelated to Iron Man’s own circuits.

Later still, the Avengers moved their headquarters to Hydrobase at a time when their Park Avenue headquarters was destroyed, and Newell contributed his oceanographic skills to the Avengers Ground Crew. As Stingray, he became an unofficial member of the group and he participated in several missions, such as the so-called “Crossing Line” affair. After some time, Hydrobase was attacked and destroyed by the subterranean Lava Men, and Newell and his wife escaped. Newell continues his oceanographical research privately.

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