Destroyer of Celestials

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 90
Karma 32
Resources Incredible
Popularity 0




Living Armor: All of Stellaris’s abilities and powers stemmed from her living suit of armor. The armor’s power supply was somewhere in the suit of armor. Stellaris could somehow mentally control the shape of the armor and its built-in equipment. The following is a brief list of the equipment and abilities the armor has:
Body Armor: The armor provides Stellaris with Shift-X protection from all forms of attack. Stellaris was still subject to Slams and Stuns while in the armor. The armor itself is made of a material that has a Material Strength rank of Class 1000. Weaker areas of the armor, such as joints (needing a red result to hit) were only of Shift-Y strength material.
Weaponary: Stellaris can form any sort of energy weapon from her armor. Such weapons could do up to Shift-Y Energy or Force damage.
Physical Enhancement: Stellaris could use the armor to increase any or all of her physical attributes. Any of her physical attributes could be raised to Unearthly. This did not increase her basic Health score.
Sensors: Stellaris could order the suit to form any sort of detection or sensor device, with a Shift-Y Power Rank.
Flight: Stellaris’s living armor gives Class 1000 flight spped in space. In atmosphere this is restricted to Monstrous air speed.
Life Support: The living armor provides Stellaris with Class 1000 life support.
Self Destruct: Stellaris could order her living armor to self-destruct in a Class 5000 explosion, powerful enough to destroy a whole planet.
Communcate with Computers: The armor can plug into any sort of computer system and take any data the machine had access to, no matter how good the security of the computer system. This is a Shift-Z ability.


The more equipment, enhancements, and weapons Stellaris orders the living armor to take on, the bulkier the armor gets. When the armor has no special abilities working, it resembles a light suit of clothing.


Marksman, Martial Arts E, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Astronavigation, Computers




Most of Stellaris’s history is unknown or clouded by mystery. Even the origin she revealed is unclear, since it was obvious that she was the final force that activated the birth of a new Celestial.

She first appeared on Earth, following a replicoid sent there by the Celestials. The replicoid was sent to Earth to deliver a message to Thor. The Celestials wanted Thor and Hercules to go to the Black Galaxy immediately.

Before the replicoid even had a chance to give Thor the message, Stellaris attacked them both. During the battle, the Avengers arrived to help Thor battle Stellaris, and the replicoid was mortally injured. The replicoid was able to deliver the message to Thor just before Stellaris destroyed it.

Stellaris then attacked Hercules, somehow sensing his past connection with the Celestials. Thor was finally able to defeat Stellaris in single combat, and discovered that Stellaris was a woman. She threatened to order her living armor to self-destruct and destroy the Earth in the explosion. Thor reluctantly let her go.

During the battle, Stellaris revealed that her race had been judged unfit by the Celestials, and had been destroyed. She never explained how she happened to survive, or where she got her suit of living armor.

When Thor and Hercules left for the Black Galaxy, Stellaris was following close behind them. When Thor and Hercules encountered the High Evolutionary’s ship in the Black Galaxy, Stellaris was able to gain entry unnoticed. Stellaris freed and befriended Nobilus, a mentally unstable New Immortal created from cell samples of Thor. While Nobilus held off the High Evolutionary’s New Men and Thor, she plundered the ship’s computer system.

In the computer system she found the location of a mysterious red Celestial within the Black Galaxy. Elated, she grabbed Nobilus and took off for the location of the Celestial, hoping to kill her first Celestial. The High Evolutionary, Hercules, Thor, and the High Evolutionary’s New Immortals followed behind her.

Everyone arrived in time to witness the beginning of the birth of a new Celestial. The organic Black Galaxy was apparently the matter from which the new Celestial was to be created from.

The vengeful Stellaris powered up her suit to its maximum level and charged the forming Celestial. A huge explosion occurred and seemed to destroy the whole Black Galaxy. Thor and the other unharmed observers saw that the new Celestial had completely formed. The explosion caused by Stellaris seemed to have provided the final energy necessary for the new Celestial to be born. A robot analyzer made the final comment that Stellaris’s living armor was exactly like the armor worn by all the Celestials.

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