Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 120
Karma 50
Resources Typical
Popularity 15


True Flight: Starfire’s genetic makeup allows her to naturally fly at Amazing airspeeds. When she does, her long hair creates a trail behind her, that dissapates soon after her passing.
Linguistics-Special: Koriand’r is also able to absorb the language of others through physical contact with Incredible ability. Her preference is to kiss the opposite person, which although may get her into more trouble, is much more enjoyable. Success means she can speak the absorbed language with native fluency.
Solar Energy Absorbtion: Starfire’s skin absorbs energy from exposure to the sun. She is a living solar battery. She can store 500 points of energy that can be used to power a variety of powers. If away from sunlight she uses this store to power the following powers. Exposure to the sun regenerates this energy at a rate of 50 points per turn. Starfire can use this energy to power the following abilities:
Energy Emmision-Solar: Starfire can fire solar energy bolts from her hands, called ‘starbolts’ capable of causing Amazing damage. These bolts powered by exposure to a sun,
Solar Sustenance: Koriand’r draws nourishment directly from the sun. She can go for 22 hours without the need for nourishment and survive the rigors of deep space.
Solar Regeneration: Starfire possesses the ability to regenerate Monstrous rank health per turn when she is in direct sunlight.


Aerial Combat, Martial Arts E, Leadership


Teen Titans, Fashion Industry.


Koriand’r is the second born of King Myand’r and Queen Luand’r, rulers of the planet Tamaran. She lived an ideal life on the planet of free emotions, except for her conflicts with her sister, Komand’r. Koriand’r loved being able to soar through the air, and tried to love her sister as best she could, but Komand’rs bitterness stopped that. Because of Komand’r’s sickliness, Koriand’r recieved the right of ascension from her sister, which only fueled the conflict between the two.

Koriand’r first learned of Komand’rs brutality when she was beaten by Komand’r after an attack by the Citadel. Komand’r claimed that Koriand’r had laughed at her because she could not fly. Koriand’r denied this saying that Komand’r hated her because she couldn’t fly. Komand’r replied back saying “I don’t need to fly. I have all the power I need here in my fists.” A few months later the two sisters were taken to the dead moon of Okaara to be trained there by the warlords. More time went by as the two sisters were taught how to fight and win. One of the rituals involved was called Kynasf’rr, The Way of the Warrior. Two warlords took both Komand’r and Koriand’r down a dark tunnel to begin the ritual. While Komand’r was silent and accepted what she had to do, Koriand’r pleaded with her father and mother to not have them take her away from them. It wasn’t until her scream echoed through the cavern that her father let go of his queen’s hand and rushed pass the Warlord to rescue his daugther.

A few days later, during another training exercise Komand’r showed the true extent of her treachery when she killed the mount Koriand’r was on, lassoed her sister, and dragged her along the cave floor. Koriand’r managed to cut herself free, and threw a shield at Komand’r’s mount. Instead of falling to the floor, both Komand’r and her mount fell over the side of a cliff wall. Koriand’r raced down and saved her sister from death, which Komand’r repayed by beating her sister mercilessly until stopped by the Warlords. Disgusted with her performance and her actions, the Warlord’s banished Komand’r from Okaara. Komand’r never returned to Tamaran. The Royal family returned to Tamaran, confident in the new defenses they had set up. Their defenses were bypassed though as a new Citadel fleet attacked the planet killing 5 million people. Finally, a truce was made only to have dire consequences.

Koriand’r was given up by her father, Myand’r, in an effort to preserve peace on Tamaran. Koriand’r arrived on the Citadel ship only to find her sister in charge. The next six years were made up of pain, humiliation, and abuse by her sister. Koriand’r never gave up and submitted to her sister though, which at times brought harsher punishment. This struggle between the siblings ended though when the ship they were on was attacked and disabled by the Psions.

The two sisters were then subjected to multiple experiments, one of which included their ability to store solar energy. The expirament was interupted by an attack, which overloaded the machines the sisters were attached to. The resulting explosion scattered the pair as the Psion ship was boarded. Koriand’r woke up first and disabled some attackers with her new ability to fire the solar energy as destructive energy she called starbolts. Trying to help her sister, Koriand’r was attacked an knocked unconscious for her help by her sister’s own starbolts. Taken prisoner again by her sister, Koriand’r remained captive until she took advantage of a guard and killed him. She then escaped the slave ship she was on and commandeered a shuttle and fled into space, finally arriving on Earth.

She crashed landed on Earth, but was rescued by Grant Wilson who brought her to his apartment and nursed her wounds. Followed by the Gordanians, she was again captured by them, but was helped by the newest group of Teen Titans brought together by Raven. The Titans rescued Koriand’r from the Gordanian ship, which the Titans wired to explode as it flew away from Earth. Starfire stayed with the Titans, sticking close to Wonder Girl and Raven at first. The female members of the Titans were called by Kid Flash to the waterfront, where they disabled a drug theft operation. Robin lunged at Starfire, the name the Titans gave Koriand’r because of her powers, when she began to destroy all the evidence. Sensing that Robin was frustrated that he couldn’t understand her language and that she couldn’t understand theirs, Starfire kissed him. A moment later she spoke to Robin in english, having absorbed the english language from him. With the language barrier shattered, Starfire stayed with the Titans as they relaxed at Changeling’s mansion, and then met with and defeated the Ravager and Deathstroke.

After fighting against enemies such the Fearsome Five, the Justice League, Trigon, Deathstroke, the Titans of Myth, and Madame Rouge, Starfire encountered the one man who for years she still feels connected to. While taking a position as a model for Donna Troy’s photography studio, Kory met Franklin Randall after a shoot. The two spent more and more time together, with Kory trying to keep her identity secret but finally telling Franklin after he figured it out. Before Franklin could meet the rest of the Titans, he met with a member of H.I.V.E. who had hired him to find out information about the Titans. Franklin tried to abort the deal, but was shot by the H.I.V.E. agent. The Titans arrived at his home too late to save him. Starfire went after the H.I.V.E. agent, nearly killing him before Wonder Girl stopped her.

Kory then took some time off to deal with her feelings returning to help the Titans with Francis Kane’s powers, and the first Starfire’s reappearance. She was unable to help Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Raven at first when they went to investigate Brother Blood’s cult. Eventually though she went to Zandia with Cyborg and Changeling to rescue their teammates. Upon returning to New York, she was attacked by Gordanians who then succeeded in capturing Starfire and bringing her back to her sister Komand’r who had taken the name of Blackfire. The Titans followed her into space and with the help of the Omega Men succeeded in rescuing her. Her fight with Komand’r ended on her home planet of Tamaran where the two dueled across the country side until they both fell over a waterfall. Recovering with help from Raven, Starfire was reunited with her brother Ryand’r and her parents for the first time in years. Her reunion was short though as her father revealed that if she was to stay the planet would be detroyed.

On the flight back to Earth, Robin approached Kory and said that he would like to get into a relationship with her, telling her that it may be difficult due to being raised by Batman. The two agreed to work things out though and slowly began a relatinship. After a variety of Titans cases which include meeting with Terra, discussing with Adrian Chase about the activities of Brother Blood with Robin, having Terra join the Titans, and working with Batman and the Outsiders against the Fearsome Five, Starfire supported Dick Grayon’s decision to stop being Robin and to take on a new identity. Starfire was with the Titans when they raced to Zandia to rescue Dick who had gone there undercover to investigate Brother Blood but had become captured. Their rescue mission failed though when they fell into the trap set for them. When she woke up, Starfire found herself along with the Titans trapped against a stone column with Brother Blood standing in front of them with Dick at his side. The Titans freed themeselves from Brother Blood’s trap only to be captured again. Held in an energy grid that stopped them from using their powers, the Titans watched as Dick walked towards the command console where he could active the laser that would destroy them. Starfire’s constant pleading with Dick snapped him out of Brother Blood’s control which allowed him to destroy the console. The Titans rescued Dick and left the church as it was attacked by the president of Zandia, which buries Brother Blood under the giant laser.

After that, the Titans engaged in games against each other which included Kory defeating Donna. Kory was shocked to see how violent Tara became when she went after Gar, but put it off. Returning to her home, she reiceved a package from a courier which had a note on it from Dick. Instead it was a bomb that overloaded her powers. This allowed her to be captured by Deathstroke who had managed to capture the remaining Titans. He in turn turned them over to H.I.V.E., who attached them to a device which absorbed their powers. It wasn’t until Dick showed up in his new identity of Nightwing and the mysterious person known as Jericho that the Titans were freed. Starfire then prevented the agents from leaving the base, and went to attack Deathstroke but stopped as he had Cyborg trapped. She then watched as Terra snapped and tried to bury everyone alive. The Titans managed to live, but Terra did not. Out of this though came a new Titans member in Jericho.

Kory was with the Titans the entire time that Raven changed to be like her father Trigon. Unable to save the people of Azarath, the Titans returned to Earth where they were attacked by Raven. Thrown into a dream-like state, Koriand’r was forced to kill her evil half, thus becoming evil herself. The Titans awoke from the dream-state and then turned against Raven, seemingly killing her. Shocked that they did so, they recovered quickly and managed to defeat Trigon. They continued to be haunted by their nightmares though, and only manager to get through them after everyone took some time to talk about them on another camping trip.

Starfire raced after the winged man Azrael when he attempted to kidnap Lilith. It was only after Lilith managed to came him down that Starfire was able to talk to her again. Soon after though, Starfire was helpless to watch the Titan-god Thia take Lilith away from Starfire and the alien. Both went to the Titans where they then traveled to Olympus and teamed with the gods of Olympus and the (pre-crisis) Amazons defeated and killed Thia. Out of this came the new member Kole, who took an immediate liking to Jericho.

When the Crisis first started, Kory worked with the Titans on Earth to try to prevent the loss of life any way they could. A few days later though, all of the Titans were tranported on board a starship piloted by Captain Karras, telling Starfire that she had to return to Tamaran. All but Nightwing, Jericho, and Starfire returned to Earth as the ship headed for Tamaran. On the way, she talked with Nightwing who said that he felt something was being hidden from them but didn’t know what. Kory told him not to worry and that everything would be fine not knowing that they were being watched by Taryia, the woman who loved Karras. Arriving on Tamaran she was quickly reunited with her parents. Later, a transmission between Kory and her brother is interuped when the ship he is on goes into warp. Dick tries to tell her again that something is going on as Komand’r watches them in her room.

The next night after a hunting trip, Kory is told by her father that she can never return to Earth. He also then explains that in order to keep the peace on the planet, she must marry a man from another house on the planet. Karras then speaks up saying that he is the one she must marry despite Dick and Kori’s protests. The next day Kory found herself against the Omega Men, including her brother but finally managed to defeat them with the help of Joe Wilson. Kory offered to help the Omega Men search for the goddess X’Hal, but stopped to look for Dick who had disappeared. She found him outside, frustrated that she wouldn’t go against her father in the marraige. She was shocked when he said it over between them if she went through with the marraige. She finally got some sleep after talking with her brother.

She woke up the next morning to discover Tariya and Karras talking with each other reafirming each other’s love for each other, discovering that he did not want to go through the marraige like she didn’t. Later, she is dressed in her wedding gown and goes through the streets of the city on her wedding march. Arriving at the steps of a statue of X’Hal, Kory turns to see Dick, Joey, and her brother arrive. Waiting for Dick to say something, she is saddened to see him turn away as she is joined with Karras. As soon as the wedding is done though, Komand’r attacks the city. Kory attacks her sister one on one, but stops when she finds out that a bomb has bben placed in the city and will detonate unless their father abdicates the throne. Komand’r laughes at Koriand’r, telling her that if she had waited a few more minutes the wedding wouldn’t have happened. Later King Myand’r leaves the throne to Komand’r after hearing the people shout her name.

Koriand’r and her parnets are placed on a ship in orbit around Tamaran as Komand’r begins a speech to the people of the planet. As the ship is travelling to the planet Okarra, one of the guards on the ship puts Kory and her parents in an escape pod and flies them away from the ship as it explodes. On the planet Okaara, Kory is soon reunited with Karras, not saying a word to Dick. The next few days she trains with the Warlords and the few people of Tamaran that are loyal to the King. She is finally confronted by Dick though, who tells her to forget she ever knew him. As he leaves Okarra, Kori’s echoes of “I Love You” travel through the caverns. After Dick has left, she finds comfort in Karras’ arms.

Later during a training exercise, Kory is knocked off her mount. She leaves with Karras after explaining that she is having difficulty concentrating due to thinking of Earth. In their room, Karras and Koriand’r begin the slow process of making their marraige one of love and not politics. Weeks pass, and after more training Koriand’r leads the people loyal to her father back to Tamaran. Attacking power stations, communication’s stations, and airfields Koriand’r begins to reclaim her planet. Attacking more of Komand’r’s troops Kory doesn’t kill them but instead disables them realizing that she has changed due to her time on Earth. Returning to the hidden base on Tamaran, she finds out that Tamaran lost faith in it’s King when she was given into slavery. Komand’r took advantage of that frustration and because of that now rules Tamaran.

A while later she is reunited with her parents, shocked that her father doesn’t feel he should fight Komand’r. Outraged Kory flies off and attacks a weapon’s plant destroying it. Confronted by her sister, the plan fight through out the city. First in the skys with Komand’r on a platform, then on the ground with fist and nail. Komand’r tries to bury Kory, but finds that Kory is relentless in her attack. The two pound into each other with Kory getting the upper hand until she is stopped by her father. Koriand’r is shocked when the rule of Tamaran is left to her sister with her parents at her side as council. Unhappy with her sister ruling Kory leaves her planet again. She also leaves Karras behind, knowing that he belongs on Tamaran and not on with her.

Returning to Earth, Koriand’r returns as Starfire to the Titans who leave for Zandia to rescue Dick from Brother Blood. After an initial attack, they are forced back into a nearby forest where Kory tries to determine how Dick will react to her when they find him. The next day the Titans are confronted by a woman named Twister who distorts everyone’s perception of the world. The effects wearing off, the Titans work their way towards the capital building and cause a distraction allowing Cyborg and Jericho to get in. Starfire joins Cyborg and Jericho inside the building only to be attacked by the Brotherhood of Evil. Distracted by their teleporting in, Kory is knocked out and then thrown out of the building by Monsieur Mallah. Rescued by Wonder Girl, the remaining Titans retreat to a cave in the hills and recover from their wounds. Before they can fully recover though, they recieve a message and find Jericho attached to a pole at the top of a building in the middle of a lightning storm. Wonder Girl races to save Jericho while Changeling, Robin, and Kory go to the Church of Blood. Arriving at the Church Kory attacks the Brotherhood who have just teleported to the entrance. Defeating Houngan and Twister, Kory then attacks Plasmus feeding him more and more of her energy which eventually sends him away but only after she is nearly depleted. The Titans then confront Twister again, who distort’s their perceptions allowing her time to escape. Recovering the Titans fly away as Cyborg comes racing out of the church, watching as it explodes minutes later.

Back in New York at the Tower, Starfire watches as Wally is confronted by Frances Kane about being back in costume. Robotman then joins the Titans to help out as they try to determine a plan. Trying one last time to have Fran join them, they leave her behind in the T-Jet. A few miles away the Titans leap from the jet and attack the New York branch of the Church. Working their way through the guards, the Titans confront the Confessor who claims to have killed Arella. Starfire watches as Flash pounds on the Confessor disabling some guards at the same time. Robin discovers that Arella is still alive, allowing the Confessor to get away. Kory offers to fly Arella to a hospital but agrees with everyone that only Raven can help her at the moment. Leaving Arella with Robin, they work their way to the main hall. Inside Kory rushes to Dick immediately to see if he can recognize her. When he doesn’t Starfire turns to see Raven attack the the Titans and defeat them. Before she succumbs though, Kory pleads to Nightwing for help but is refused.

Captured by Blood, Starfire is placed on a transport with the other Titans to be executed in Zandia. Before the ship can get away, it is brought down by Frances Kane and the Titans manacles are shattered. Making their way back inside, Starfire attacks Brother Blood again only to be thrown aside. Starefire watches as Raven reappears and pleads to her to renounce Brother Blood. Blood goes to Raven’s side though and with her combined power throws the Titans aside with their powers. Raven then turns Starfire and Flash against each other much to Blood’s joy. The two fight it out until a light bathes the room causing them to turn and watch Raven turn against Blood and defeat him. Much later at the Tower, Starfire watches as Flash leaves with Frances, and then tells Nightwing he’s forgiven for his actions. Kory then takes him away from the Titans and talks with him about her wedding and how it affects them.

After a day of rest, Starfire goes with the Titans to a resort in the mountains to rest. In the process, Kory rescues some kids from drowning, stops some poachers from killing an eagle, and tells Dick she won’t give up on him continuing to love him despite what has happened to them. While waiting for word from Changeling about the location of his father, Starfire helped rescue people after a bridge near the Titans Tower exploded. The next day, Starfire helped Raven find an apartment and later rescued some police men from being run over by a run away train. With the Titans, Starfire creates a makeshift dam after the primary one is blown up by Zandian terrorists. She then watches as Nightwing stops a Zandian terrorist from blowing up a nuclear reactor without throwing a punch.

A few days later the Titans are attacked at the Tower by the Hybrid. Racing inside to Tower to get material to help the Titans defeat the Hybrid, Starfire was knocked unconscious by Mento. She wakes up when Mento is defeated and returns back to beign Steve Dayton. As the Titans and Hybrid leave the room, Starfire learns from Nightwing that he wants to deal with her marraige in some way and continue to love her.

Weeks pass with nothing happening, allowing Kory a chance to go dancing with Dick, After stopping a few people from destroying themselves, Starfire helped Wonder Girl and Changeling defeat the villain called Sunburst. During the attack though Starfire began to doubt the amount of power she should use against villains due to an explosino caused by Sunburst’s costume. At the Tower later, Starfire asks Dick to move in with her only to be refused due to his not knowing for sure how he feels about her. He accepts soon afterwards though, mostly because of the long kiss she give him. Their dinner with the other Titans is interupted by a police call, causing the Titans to race out of the restaurant and meet up with the Wildebeest. A one-on-one conflict with the Wildebeest causes Starfire to blast him and watch his outfit blow up. It’s only after close examination that the Titans find out that it was a robot she blew up. After the police arrive, they tell the Titans about another roberry at a museum. Racing there, Starfire tries to stop him but is stopped by the Wildebeest. Recovering from the blow, Starfire races after the ‘beest only to find Nightwing unconscious on the floor. She carries him to S.T.A.R. where Sarah Charles tries to calm her. Pacing the room, she has the other Titans follow her when they arrive to his room where Raven has just healed him. Furious at the Wildebeest, Starfire races off with the Titans when it is reported that he struck again. Finding him and thinking he is a robot, Starfire fires at the Wildebeest and disables him. When the Titans catch up to her though, they find that she killed a real human being and not a robot. Surrounded by police, the Titans are arrested for murder. The other Titans are released after speaking to their lawyer, but Starfire’s release is denied. It’s only after evidence from Nightwing and Raven that she is released and the charges of murder are cleared.

Soon afterwards, the group Infinity Inc. visited the Titans in New York. They go with the Titans and work together to defeat the Ultra-Humanite and a strange energy creature that came with him from a trip in space. Soon afterwards, Kory talks with Dick about Raven and how she feels towards him. Confronting Raven in her apartment, Kory has her take them to an island where they discuss Raven’s new feelings and how to adjust to having them. Over the course of a few days, they discuss all aspects of each other’s lives and how to try to deal with their emotions. Returning to New York Kory has Raven kiss Dick as a joke, and then finds out that he has moved into her apartment. The next day she goes with Donna to a park and completes a photoshoot. That night, she explains to Dick that all she and Karras did was for a peace treaty and nothing else.

Starfire then watched with the Titans as I.Q., the Silver Fog, and the Gentlemen Ghost fight each other over a similar robbery. She then watched as the Wildebeest frees Gizmo, one of the men who was Trident, and kidnaps Mother Mayhem. The Titans go after Trident and Disrupter defeating them both. Back at the Tower they discuss Mother Mayhem’s condition with Sarah Charles at S.T.A.R. when Gizmo walks in startled to see one of the Doctors there knowing he is the Wildebeest. Starfire teleports with the Titans to S.T.A.R. where the Wildebeest manages to escape. After rescuing Mother Mayhem, the Titans see her give birth to a girl ending the curse of Brother Blood.

Soon afterwards, Starfire and the Titans met Danny Chase’s parents, and helped his grandfather against the returned Godiva. After that, the Titans attempted to help Chris King cure Victoria Grant of her insanity brought on by using the ‘H’ Dial backwards. Starfire watches as the Titan’s computer systems were infiltrated by the Wildebeest, as he gather information on them due to Danny Chase looking over their files. The Titans then went to San Fransisco, where they met with Red Star who was undergoing tests from Sarah Charles to find the limits of his powers. These tests were interupted when the super-powered Hammer and Sickle arrive to take Red Star back to the Soviet Union. Reaching a stalemate against the Titans, Starfire was knocked unconscious and taken prisoner by Red Star who agreed to go with Hammer and Sickle. A distraction by Cyborg gives her enough time to escape. Returning to the Titans, they find Red Star returning to them, and then work with him to defeat Hammer and Sickle.

Starfire then went with Titans to New Chronus, where Donna Troy discovered who she really was, and watched as she changed from Wonder Girl to Troia. She then watches as Dick tells Danny Chase to leave the Titans after what happened with Jason Todd. After some rest, she watched Dick go back home to confront Batman about Robin’s death. During a photo shoot with Donna, Wildebeest attacked the studio they were at. Attacking the Wildebeest head-on, Starfire was knocked back through a wall when her starbolts exploded allowing the ‘Beest to escape. Back at the Tower, Starfire tries in vain to get a hold of Dick but is unable to. The Wildebeest attacks the Tower, and is eventually defeated by Raven who reveals that it’s really Cyborg in the Wildebeest outfit. With the help of Karen Beecher, Starfire and the Titans are able to find out which doctor from S.T.A.R. put a controlling chip in Victor and save him.

Confronted at her apartment by a young kid, Starfire calls the Titans together to look for Dick fearing he may be in trouble. Finally contacting Dick, the Titans let him take a leave of absence as he sorts some items out in his life. Later in the sewers of New York, the Titans come across some beasts that seriously wound Donna and Raven. At S.T.A.R., Starfire waits helplessly as Raven attempts to heal Donna. Finding out that Donna will survive, the Titans eventually meet up with Deathstroke, who lead them to the creature’s lair. They are attacked from behind though, as Starfire totally destroys one of the creatures with her starbolt. They rush a severly wounded Raven to S.T.A.R., where they are attacked by one of the creatures. Starfire races after him in the streets of New York, but allows the creature to escape when it threatens a street bum. Racing to find the creature again, she instead disabled a man who raped a woman. Returning to S.T.A.R., she finds that Raven has been infected and is extremely dangerous. She watches as Donna suggests to the others that they use her blood to make an antidote for the disease. Leaving Donna at S.T.A.R., the Titans find Deathstroke in the main lair of the creatures and rescue him from them. Starfire destroys what they think is the leader and returns with the Titans to S.T.A.R. to find Donna on her way to a full recovery. Raven though, is nearly infected entirely, and takes the venom out of Jericho’s body and into hers. Racing in to the room, Kory finds Raven ready to attack her and the Titans behind her. Hesitant to attack, the Titans are enveloped in Raven’s soulself. Combining her power with Victor’s sonic blaster, they are able to disrupt Raven’s soulself. Watching Raven pull herself back together, Starfire tells her that Scourge, the creature’s leader, is dead. The Titans watch her teleport away scared that she may be changing to the way she was when Trigon possessed her. The Titans go to the creature’s previous location, but are too late to capture Raven. Going then to a mansion where the drug that caused the creature’s transformation started, the Titans reunite with Nightwing who is held captive by Raven. Starfire fire’s on Raven which frees Nightwing. He then takes control and subdues Raven with their help. Rushing her to S.T.A.R., the Titans inject more anti-bodies in her which finally cures her of the disease.

After a minor conflict with the Royal Flush Gang and a rescue operation at a cave-in, Starfire was supposed to attend a party celebrating the 10 year anniversary of that group being together. While flying home from the Tower, she stops a supposed mugging, only to be captured by the Wildebeest. Fighting back as much as she could, Starfire fell to the Wildebeest. Held in suspended animation for days, Starfire finally awoke when a group of heroes rescued her, Changeling, Raven, and others only to find out that Jericho betrayed the team and see Raven’s death. Afterwards, Kory was depowered for a while, remaining in a wheelchair while she recuperated. When approached by Dick who was trying to help out, she sends him away abruptly, saying that he is coddling her. While spending some time along thinking about what happened, she is approached by Dick again who is pushed away immediately as she flies off. Later at her apartment, she is approached by Dick who apologizes and says they need to talk.

A knock at her door much later find Dick standing there again stammering as he tries to say something. Kory instead grabs him and gives him a long kiss not knowing that they are being watched. Kory then talks Nightwing into a make-over, changing his hair style and costume. She leaves him in the room for a moment, and then comes out in her new costume giving him a long kiss. A phone call from Sarah Charles interupts them, causing them to rush to S.T.A.R. Labs due to Donna Troy being attacked by a girl with wings which Starfire finds “odd”. Arriving at S.T.A.R., Kory sees the winged girl say that she is Nightwing’s partner in the future, and also watches as Donna Troy collapses due to complications with her baby. Kory watches the rest of the Titans return to Steve Dayton’s manor while she stays behind. At the manor, the Titans are shocked to see Kory return in her old costume asking why they haven’t looked for her since she was being held captive.

Using a nearby helicopter, The Titans rush to S.T.A.R. Labs to stop the Kory imposter as the real Kory discovers what Nightwing was doing in the meantime. On the way to S.T.A.R., their helicopter is attacked. Starfire rushes to help Nightwing, but doesn’t when she discovers that his new costume helps him glide through the air. Instead, she blasts at the street to scatter the people so that the helicopter doesn’t hurt anyone. When the helicopter crashes, she watches as Leonid walks out of the burning explosion. Meanwhile, the fake Kory goes to the Winged girl and frees her, revealing her true form.

Starfire arrives with the Titans at S.T.A.R. Labs just in time to prevent the Team Titans from killing Donna. Kory immediately goes after Mirage who tied her up and made love to Nightwing. Their conflict is interupted by Lord Chaos who arrives and kidnaps Donna. Regrouping at Dayton’s penthouse, the two Titans teams get into a conflict with each other, resulting in Dagon biting Kory. Rescued by Red Star, Kory is pulled away by Nightwing, only to watch as Baby Wildebeest grows into a monsterous form and goes after Terra. Leaving the buring penthouse and going to ground level, Starfire watches with the Titans as Phantasm appears and snuffs out the flames. She then is surprised along with everyone else when Donna Troy reappears as a 50 foot woman. When Kory confronts Donna about her powers during a fight with Lord Chaos, Starfire is thrown against a wall knocking her out. Waking up to find the mansion the Titans are in buring, (and stuck with Mirage), Lord Chaos rushes them only to be nearly drowned in a wave of water coming from a nearby lake brought over by Donna. Donna leaves the Titans after Lord Chaos escapes, giving Nightwing a chance to find out everything that is going on with Starfire staying extremely close to him.

After the final fight with Lord Chaos, the Titans go to Hawaii to try to relax only to create more havoc when they try to redeem their name. Returning from Hawaii, Starfire is impersonated by Mirage once more by posing in an adult magazine. This is never resolved though. Instead, Dick uses Mirage’s powers against her, when he goes out with her one night, and then with Kory the same night preserving his identity. Kory finally confronts Dick about his mistake though when they go to rent movies. Kory tells him that she knows his every move and is shocked that he couldn’t tell that it wasn’t an imposter he was making love to. Leaving him behind in the movie story, Kory then goes out with other men trying to forget about him. She leaves a dance club though when a fan asks her to sign her centerfold. The next night at a comedy club with another date, Nightwing confronts her asking her to come back. Pushing her date aside, Kory blasts Nightwing sending him away with his head down. Later that night, Kory is woken up by her doorbell ringing. Answering it, she finds Nightwing outside asking her forgiveness saying that he wasn’t thinking with his head. Curious about what he is trying to say, Kory asks him what he wants, and answers his request for marraige with a kiss.

Returning to Steve Dayton’s mansion, Kory and Dick don’t find anyone there. When the Titans return, they are brought up to date with what happened with Changeling and the Titans conflict with the Brotherhood of Evil. Despite telling Dick that it wasn’t the best time to tell them the news, he tells the Titans the news about them getting married anyway. At city hall, Kory watches Dick in shock as he attacks the clerk when he first refuses to give them a marriage license. As they leave, they are picketed by people saying that there shouldn’t be any alien marriages. While trying on her wedding dress, Kory is confronted by Donna about the marriage. Kory questions the marriage, saying that although she loves Dick, she wonders if they really should get married when they don’t understand each other anymore. The wedding ceremony is nearly complete when its interupted by Raven who kills the minister. In shock about Raven’s reappearance, Dick and Kory try to help the other heroes who are attending. Instead, Raven approaches Kory and erects a force field around them. Raven talks about how she is the evil soul of the person they once knew, and kisses Kory implanting one of Trigon’s seeds inside her. Raven flies off leaving Starfire comatose.

Waking up at S.T.A.R. Labs, Kory breaks the restraints that hold her back and lashes out at Dick who is staying at her side. Outside the room where she is at, Sarah Charles tells the Titans to get Dick out of the room with Kory’s power levels escalating. Phantasm enters Kory’s mind and tries to calm her down helping her fight against the nightmares implanted in her by Raven. Finding her inner strength, Kory rebels against Raven’s dreams and calms down. Falling asleep, she apologizes to Dick for lashing out at him.

At the home of Wally West where Dick and Kory stay at while recovering, she once again lashes out at her environment. Dick is forced to gas her, causing her to fall asleep once again. In an attempt to cure herself of her madness, Kory tries to confront and kill Elizabeth Alderman, who also was infected by Raven. Instead though, an icy wave goes through her body preventing her from approaching Alderman at the asylum where she is placed. She is helped and encouraged by Nightwing who tries to help her anyway he can get past her pains. Later, she confront Alderman inside the asylum, causing images of Raven to haunt her more and more. A strange image of a being saying “Kynasf’rr” causes Kory to lash out, break through the asylum walls and fly into the air where she finally crashes into the Andes mountains in South America.

Buried inside the mountain, Kory goes through images in her mind of the Kynasf’rr, the Way of the Warrior. Assaulted by images of Nightwing, Raven, and her sister, Koriand’r finally remembers that she never took part of that ritual and never fully became Tamaran because of it. After completing the ritual, an image of Auron, the lord of light and death appears to her calling her. Refusing his call, Kory is then visited by the image of X’Hal who provides Kory with a small portion of sunlight. Recharging her powers, Kory blasts out of the mountain side now fully Tamaranean.

Going to a small South American village, Kory becomes a shamn to the people, telling them the story of Tamaran and its conflict with Vega. When she is approached by Dick who has come looking for her, she pushes him away not recognizing who he is. Her stories are interupted by lasers firing from a satellite in space. Kory and Dick rescue the people in the village, and then Kory flies into space without a second thought to protect her new people. She is blasted with full force by one of the lasers, but recovers and flies back into space avoiding the lasers. Seeing another ship but ignoring it, she attacks the satellite again, only to be knocked unconscious by its power. Before she can fall into Earth’s atmosphere and burn up, she is rescued by Red Star. Together with the Titans, Starfire defeats the terrorists firing at the Earth from the satellite.

As the terrorists are brought to Earth, Starfire remains with Red Star, Pantha, Changeling, and Baby Wildebeest about the satellite not knowing who they are. After a brief struggle, they manage to knock her unconscious. Held in a cell, Starfire is approached by Red Star who kisses her, causing her memories to return. Explaining to them that her memorys of Earrth were gone due to the ritual she went through, Kory decides that she and Dick shouldn’t be married due to them not being ready for that kind of commitment. Returning to Earth, Kory begins to doubt if she really belongs there or not. She does not appear at a dinner she was scheduled to be at with Dick,deciding that they shouldn’t be together at the moment because it would only confuse their issues more. Kory then returns to her homeworld, Tamaran just as the second Citadel War begins, giving her a little time to be with her parents. During a rescue operation, she met a man named Ph’yzzon. Soon after their first meeting, they were married.

Months later in space, a near unconscious Starfire is with her sister Komand’r fighting to avoid beign captured by the Gordanians. Their ship crippled, it runs into the Technis which saves their lives. Recovering, Starfire fights along side a robotic being called Cyberion onboard a Gordanian ship. Leaving the ship before it detonates, Starfire recognizes who Cyberion is as the Technis head to Earth. Arriving on Earth, Starfire and Cyberion don’t find them at their New Jersey headquarters, but in San Fransisco fighting an insane Changeling. Reunited with the Titans, they bring Changeling to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Kory shocks everyone when she tries to cure him by using Raven’s white soul-self. Failing, Kory offers to bring him to Vega where the Warlords of Okaara might be able to help him. On the way to Tamaran, Kory bring everyone up to date on what happened. A communication with Tamaran reunites Kory with her parents briefly, but ends when the planet explodes due to the conflict with the Gordanions.

Starfire goes with the Titans and her remaining people to another moon where they now call home. She spends a moment with Donna bringing her up to speed on what has happened with her. After establishing their new home, Starfire leads her people in a fight against the Citadel. During a fight on the moon of Okaara, Starfire is kidnapped by a sentient shadow which teleports Starfire away. Waking up, Kory finds herself in a containment cell with Raven above her, explaining that the good portion of Raven’s soul is in Kory. It was placed there during the kiss at Kory and Dick’s wedding. That portion of the soul compelled Kory to go through the ritual of the Kynasf’rr and eventually return home to Tamaran in an effort to hide from Raven. The Titans interupt Raven’s story rescuing Kory who goes against Raven one-on-one, explaining that it wasn’t Trigon’s children in the seeds, but Trigon himself. Using the power of Raven’s good soul-self joined with that of the Titans, they manage to destroy Trigon and the evil side of Raven.

She returned to Tamaran, married General Phy’zzon, and participated in the evacuation of her homeworld when it was destroyed.

Tragically, only a short time after her people relocated, New Tamaran’s sun was destroyed, and Starfire was the only member of her race on the planet to escape the destruction of their second home. She adventured in space for a time, then returned to Earth, working with the Titans again until she joined the remaining Tamaranians in their search for a new home.

She has since returned to Earth and mentor’s the new teen titans

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