Stephanie Brown

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 66
Karma 30
Resources Excellent
Popularity 5




Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical, Energy and Shooting
Night Vision: Doesn’t suffer penalties during night battles
Utility Belt: 10 Pouches that carries small items and the following:
Grappel: Made from Incredible material, fires up to 7 areas and is primarily used for transportation swing lines.
Rebreather: 2.5 hours air supply
Tracking Device: Up to 1 mile
Magneseum Flare: Remarkable illumination
Binoculars: Allow her to view up to 10 aeas away.
Laser Torch: In intense laser that cuts through In material
Lockpicks: +1CS to open locks on an Agility FEAT.
Smoke Capsules: Excellent intensity with a 1 area radius. All in the affected area at -2CS to performing actions.


Detective, Acrobatics, Martial Arts A D C, Thrown Weapons, Tumbling, First Aid


Batman, Tim Drake


With the criminal, the Cluemaster, as her father, Stephanie Brown would seem a more likely candidate for villain than hero. Intent on seeing her father brought to justice, Stephanie donned the purple and blue tights to plant clues to help Batman and Robin nail the Cluemaster and his gang. After helping catch him, Steph decided to hang on to the costume and the lifestyle a little while longer, more recently to allow her to get closer to the Boy Wonder, for whom she has a noticeable crush.

She became Robin’s unofficial partner, spending many nights with him on the rooftops of Gotham. This naturally forced Robin to choose between his growing feelings for Steph and his relationship with Arianna. After deciding to call things off with Arianna, Tim found himself dumped instead and agreed to “date” Steph, but only as Robin. She understood that his life as Tim Drake is off limits, and she accepted those conditions.

Recently Tim left Batman who decided to let Stephanie become the new Robin! She was thrilled. This was all a ploy by Bruce to get Tim back. Steph messed up and Batman fired her. So to prove herself she tried to get a handle on the organized crime via one of Batman’s plans he has on his computer. This blew up in her face and she started the whole War Games affair. Eventually, she is tortured and then killed. Batman doesn’t even let Tim know his girlfriend is dying or say goodbye to her.

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