Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Amazing

Health 100
Karma 80
Resources Good
Popularity -5


Multiple Arms: Spiral was genetically engineered to have certain superior powers. She has six arms and increased motor skills which allow her to control all arms at once. She can fight with up to three weapons at once, while using her other three arms for various tasks at the same time. Though one of her arms was somehow severed in the past, it has been replaced by a bionic arm of Incredible Material Strength which operates like a normal limb (except it must be repaired instead of healed if damaged).
Psychic Domination: Spiral’s mind is so well disciplined that if someone tries to control her mind, absorb her powers, or otherwise attempt to psionically dominate her, they run the risk of her dominating them. She cannot be dominated, except by another of her race. Spiral must make a red Psyche FEAT roll to gain domination. If she fails, it means her attacker slipped into and out of her mind and was not trapped.
Alien Physique: Spiral’s body has a thicker epidermal layer than a humans that acts as Good body armor against physical damage, including heat and cold. Her muscles operate differently than human musculature, so she can:
Move at Excellent Land Speed
Possesses the equivilent of Incredible Strength for the purpose of leaping.

Magic: Spiral is a master of some alien form of magic which uses universal and dimensional energies by weaving spirals (or patterns) through intricate arm gestures and dance. She performs these magics at the Amazing level, but cannot do anything else while she cast them. She must make a Psyche FEAT roll to be successful in any magical spiral she weaves. While weaving a spiral she is aware of what is going on around her, and can even talk, but if she is successfully attacked while she weaves, the pattern fails. The effects of her magics have so far included the following, although she is not limited to just these:

Shatter any inanimate, inorganic material of Incredible Material Strength or less within a 3 area range. The maximum size affected is the equivalent of a large automobile. She can also shatter force fields, force walls, etc. with this pattern, as long as they are Incredible Strength or weaker and not larger than 1 area. She can perform this spiral in less than one round.
Control energy attacks of all kinds (including electro-magnetic, gravitational, magical, heat, etc.) directed at her by weaving them around herself and sending them back at the user. They will attack the user with the same effect intended for her. If the energy attack causes Incredible damage or less, her normal green Psyche FEAT roll is all that is required for her to control it. If the energy attack causes Amazing or Monstrous damage, then she needs to make a yellow Psyche FEAT roll. If the attack causes Unearthly or greater damage, she needs to make a red Psyche FEAT roll. If she fails in her rolls the energy attack succeeds against her as normal. She can perform this spiral in less than one round as a defensive maneuver, four rounds if creating it for another purpose.
Cast an energy matrix around a character which neutralizes all of his powers, whether natural or artificial for three rounds. She can create this spiral in one round.
Slip between timespace and teleport a short distance. Her teleport range is up to 10 areas. She can teleport herself or any other characters in the same area that she desires. When she teleports, an audible ‘ping’ always sounds. She can perform this spiral in one round.
Open a dimensional aperture to any one of a myriad of dimensions. Anyone occupying the same area at the time will also disappear through the dimensional aperture if she so desires. She performs this intricate spiraling dance by using a full 10 rounds of uninterrupted movement.
Make herself invisible to normal sight by slipping into a thin layer of time space. She can still touch and affect others if she wills it, but can be hurt by a stray shot or lucky attack while doing so. When invisible she cannot be seen or heard by anyone although a character who can see into the astral plane is allowed a red Psyche FEAT roll to see her. She can perform this spiral in less than one round.
Enhance or decrease another character’s specific power for as long as she concentrates. She must first recognize a character’s specific power before she can affect it (requiring a Psyche FEAT roll). The enhancement shifts the character’s power rank by +2CS, but not above Unearthly. The decrease shift’s the character’s power rank by -2CS, but not below Feeble. She can perform this spiral in one round and must keep it up for it to work in consecutive rounds.
Drain the life force from another sentient being to keep herself young and vital. What is left of the drained character is a lifeless husk. She will not perform this spiral while acting as a member of Freedom Force or if used as a player character. She can perform this spiral as a 20 round dance that must be uninterrupted to work.


Sword: Spiral has a long, thin sword made of some Monstrous Material Strength alien metal alloy. It causes Good damage if she uses it one handed, but if she uses it two handed (and performs no other attacks that round with her other arms), it causes Excellent damage. She also carries a normal dagger that she can use at the same time as a one-handed sword attack.
Special Tricks: Spiral will almost always sneak up on an opponent when she operates alone, or teleport behind him. She will not hesitate to use her long sword. Operating with a team, she will usually act as a support member, staying out of the initial action, casting spirals to help her teammates, and then using her fighting prowess if it is needed.


Edged weapons, Martial Arts B and C, If she has sufficient information on a character, she can track him down with Amazing proficiency. It is assumed that she can speak the languages of many different dimensions.


Mojo, Freedom Force, Spineless Ones


Rita was a successful stuntwoman nicknamed Ricochet Rita when she encountered the being known as Longshot, a genetically engineered slave of another dimension ruled by the monstrous Mojo and leader of a rebellion there. Rita helped Longshot, falling in love with him in the process. At some point, Rita was abducted by Mojo’s agents and abducted to his universe. There, she became, Spiral a slave-hunter for the Spineless Ones and the the property of Mojo. To ensure Spiral’s hatred of other humanoids, Mojo had Spiral designed with six arms rather than only two and gifted her with the ability to wield magic.

Mojo sent Spiral and various rebel hunters to recapture Longshot, who at the time was rendered amnesiac from a previous capture. They followed Longshot through an interdimensional portal to Earth, although they were ultimately unsuccessful.

It is unknown if Spiral was trapped on Earth or elected to stay. Spiral enlisted in Freedom Force, the United States government’s team of superhuman agents, as a means of learning more about Earth, and served with them on most of their adventures.

Later, Mojo joined Spiral on Earth, intending to prevent Longshot from returning to their native world and stirring up the slaves. Mojo then decided to take over Earth himself, but was defeated by Longshot. Spiral led Mojo back to their home-world. At some point, Spiral returned to Earth and to Freedom Force.

While on Earth, Spiral also created a guise as “pro-priestess” of The Body Shoppe, a place where genetics and technology are used to alter people in the same way that Spiral herself was altered, she is responsible for the transformation of the Japanese warrior Lady Deathstrike into a cyborg, as well as, presumably, many of the cyborg Reavers. Later, Spiral lured the mutant Rachel Summers, the X-Man once known as Phoenix, to capture and slavery in Mojo’s universe. Later still, Spiral and Mojo temporarily captured many of the X-Men’s proteges, the New Mutants, the hero Captain Britain, and his sister Betsy Braddock, later known as Psylocke. Spiral was involved in Braddock’s cybernetic implants in place of her eyes.

Spiral eventually left Freedom Force after a clash with the X-Men in Dallas, Texas, where the X-Men seemingly died in battle with the trickster-god, the Adversary. She presumably returned to the Mojo’s universe, where later, the X-Men Longshot and Dazzler led a rebellion against Mojo. For reasons of her own, she teleported the X-Men to the universe to aid the rebellion. After Mojo was seemingly killed by Longshot, Spiral teleported away.

Later, Mojo returned with Spiral at his side to capture the hero Shatterstar. Shatterstar was mortally wounded by Mojo by being transformed into a digitized state. Spiral saved his life, however, by transporting him and his ally Longshot to the bedside of a comatose youth named Benjamin Russell, who was then physically linked Shatterstar. In that act of heroism, Spiral revealed to have some very deep feelings for Shatterstar and Benjamin Russell, but nevertheless teleported away, apparently back to the Mojo’s universe.

Spiral later appeared during the hero team Excalibur’s encounter with the mystic Dragons Of The Crimson Dawn. Spiral was somehow mystically linked to the Dragons, wearing the same Crimson Dawn-tattoo that Psylocke possessed. After the Dragon’s defeat, Spiral escaped to an unknown location.

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