Spiderwoman IV

Charlotte Witter

Fighting Excellent
Agility Amazing
Strength Incredible
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Good

Health 150
Karma 50
Resources Typical
Popularity -10


Legs: Spider-Woman has four bony spider-like arms jutting from her back. They offer Charlotte the following abilities:
May attack twice/round.
The legs may move up to 4 areas per round.
Wall Crawling: May climb sheer surfaces at 3 stories/round. Charlotte has the ability to adhere to the walls with Amazing ability.
Bio-Electric Energy Blasts: Can generate a disabling Bio-Electric “Venom Blast” of Amazing rank.
Psychic-Webs: Charloote can weave psionically-created webs of Monstrous material strength and have a maximum duration of one hour


Spider-Woman needs to be repowered and gets her strength from feeding off the energies of meta-humans, or, in the case of normal humans, sucks them dry like a real spider does it’s prey. This is considered Incredible rank vampirism




Doctor Octopus


Charlotte Witter, the latest woman to bear the title of “Spider-Woman”, started out as nothing more than a wealthy fashion designer, until she was taken by Dr. Otto Octavius, better known as the sinister scientist Dr. Octopus, for his experiments in gene manipulation, which transformed her into a human/spider hybrid. Able to absorb the powers of the previous Spider-woman, and then ultimately, destory Spider-man. Doc Octopus created a costumed identity for her role as the new Spider-Woman, and he bade her to systematically attack the former heroes of that same name.

As Spider-Woman, Charlotte attacked and drained the powers of the original Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, and her successor, Julia Carpenter. Mattie Franklin teamed up with the now-powerless Spider-Women, Julia Carpenter and Jessica Drew, and the mysterious psychic Madame Web, and was able to take some of Witter’s power away, into herself. Franklin now had some of Witter’s powers, and the unconscious and defeated Charlotte was taken into the care of the now youthful Madame Web, who was in fact Witter’s grandmother!

A short time later, Witter awoke from her comatose state and took away Madame Web’s youth as a means of repowering herself. Witter then returned to her original objective: Eliminating Spider-Man. Spider-Man and the new/old Spiderwoman Mattie Fanklin were able to stop Spider-Woman’s threat, though barely.

Since her repowering and the escape after her last encounter with Spider-Man, Charlotte has not been seen, but is likely she will continue her revenge plots.

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