Spiderwoman III

Spiderwoman III
Martha ‘Mattie’ Franklin

Fighting Excellent
Agility Incredible
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 130
Karma 60
Resources Poor
Popularity 10


Wall Crawling: Mattie has the ability to adhere to the walls with Amazing ability.
Bio-Electric Energy Blasts: Can generate Bio-Electric “Venom Blast” of Amazing rank.
Psychic-Webs: Mattie can weave psionically-created webs of Monstrous material strength and have a maximum duration of one hour
Additional Legs: Mattie can manifest four psychic Spider Legs that sprout from her back. They offer Mattie the following abilities:
May attack twice/round.
The legs may move up to 6 areas per round.
Flight: Mattie possesses the ability to fly unassisted through the air at Good speeds.

Mattie also has sensory powers which she received from Madame Web.
Precognition: Mattie recieves precognitive flashes with Remarkable ability.
Telepathy: She has the power to establish direct mind-to-mind communication with Excellent rank
Psionic Detection: Mattie has Excellent ability to detect the use of paranormal abilities.




Jessica Drew, Madam Web, Spiderman, J. Jonah Jameson


Growing up with a strict father and no mother, Martha was more of a tomboy and even took the name Matt. Over the years Mattie and her father had serious problems that resulted in Martha running away several times. It wasn’t until Martha over heard a phone call between her father and Norman Osborn, that Matt learned about the Gathering of the Five.

Taking her father’s place in the cermony Mattie Franklin received the amazing powers that Norman Osborne had wanted for himself giving her super strength and flight, after receiving her powers Spider-man disappeared. Being a huge Spider-man fan, Martha took his place, until a battle with the villain Shadrac caused Peter Parker to become Spider-man again. Still wanting to be a hero, and after receiving Jessica Drew and Julia Carpenter’s blessings Martha became the new Spider-woman.

Later, Mattie came accross Charlotte Witter, a woman transformed into a blood thirsty creature by Dr. Octopus. Doc Ock gave her the ability to steal the powers of all the other Spider-women including Mattie and add their powers to her own. Mattie later still managed to take her powers back from Charlotte however in the process Mattie took all the powers that Charlotte had stolen.

Now Martha must become the hero she always wanted to be whilst trying to control her many new powers in the fight against the criminals on the streets of New York.

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