Melissa Schwartz

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 90
Karma 18
Resources Typical
Popularity 0




Sound Carapace: At the death of Angar the Screamer her scream of anguish lasted 43 minutes, until it destroyed her vocal powers. All powers now come from the carapace created by Techno from technology stolen from Klaw. Amazing material, creates Solid Sound with the following stunts:
Flight: Songbird can also create wings of solid sound which allow her to fly at Excellent airspeed (10 areas per round). She can safely move at 4 areas/round in closed areas like cities.
Object creation: She can create solid objects of Remarkable material strength solid sound. She has a max range of 4 areas for this power. Her shapes are rapidly becoming more complex. She has a power stunt where she will throw sonic weapons like knives or large blunt objects. Use thrown blunt or edged combat rolls. She can also use sonic constructs for Remarkable grappling attacks.
Sonic Blasts: Songbird can fire Incredible intensity sonic force blasts with a 4 area range.
Sonic Stun: She can fire an In stun pulse that effects one entire area in a 3 area range (green or better Endurance FEAT roll or be stunned for 1-10 rounds).
Sonic Force Field: Songbird can project an Incredible force field that covers up to one area. This power stunt is still being established and requires a Yellow FEAT roll.
Floating Disk: Songbird can create a glowing platform of solid light. The disc is a part of Songbird’s Power and has no independent existence beyond her. The disc can automatically support Songbird and additional mass. The disk supports Incredible weight, and flies at Excellent airspeed.


Songbird’s constructs are only considered to have Good material strength against sonic attacks.
Klaw can drain power from Songbird’s harness, because of their similar technology. This attack will do Excellent damage per round to Songbird.
The collapse of her sound constructs can cause feedback in Songbird’s harness. In the event of the destruction of one of her constructs she must make a Power FEAT or suffer an Excellent rank stunning attack.


Wrestling, Acrobatics




Melissa Schwartz’s mother was arrested for robbery when Melissa was still quite young. Her father became an alcoholic and began hitting Melissa, so she ran away. She took the name Mimi after her mother. Eventually Mimi met and fell in love with a man named Mike. However, when Mike was caught with stolen goods he framed Mimi for the crime. Mimi went to jail, where she met Marian Pouncy, the lady wrestler called Poundcakes, who was in for an extortion rap. When they got out Marian got Mimi a job with the Grapplers.

The Grapplers, not being able to make ends meet by wrestling alone took a job for Roxon, working with the other dimensional Thundra to destroy Project: Pegasus. The were caught and Mimi went back to jail. When they got out they found that their manager, Auntie Freeze had expanded the Grapplers, and the new, larger group all received strength enhancing treatments from the Power Broker, and went on to join the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. When the other two original Grapplers, Titania and Letha were killed by Scourge, Mimi left the Grapplers and struck out on her own again.

Mimi was recruited by Baron Zemo for the fourth Masters of Evil, and worked with the Grey Gargoyle to free Moonstone from prison. The Avengers stopped them, and Mimi went back to prison, but she was soon released again. She teamed up with Angar the Screamer. However, their relationship was not fated to last, Angar was killed shortly thereafter. Her scream upon Angar’s death burned out her cyberneticaly enhanced vocal cords. Baron Zemo found her again and brought her back to the Masters of Evil.

The Fixer modified some solid sound generation equipment that was stolen from Klaw, and Mimi became Songbird as part of their scheme to masquerade as heroes. She discovered that she liked being a hero, and fell in love with Abner Jenkins. When the Thunderbolts were exposed and Zemo used his mind control device to take over the world, Songbird sided with the rest of the Thunderbolts against Zemo and Techno, foiled his plan and saved the world.

Now once more wanted criminals the Thunderbolts were on the run, trying to prove themselves while staying one step ahead of the law. They were soon joined by the ex-Avenger, Hawkeye, who offered to lead them and help them reform. However, he stipulated that Jenkins, who was wanted for murder, turn himself in. Songbird was crushed, but Jenkins agreed.

The Thunderbolts have thrived under Hawkeye’s leadership, finding a headquarters and new respect from some segments of the public. Not to say that recent events have not included tragedy as well. The Thunderbolts were soundly defeated by the Hulk, and one of their number, Jolt, was murdered by an as yet unidentified assailant. Recently Jenkins, offered a suspended sentence by the Commission in return for performing a job for them rejoined the Thunderbolts. They managed to double-cross the Commission and blackmailing them into covering up the fact that Jenkins is once again at large. Songbird was ecstatic that Jenkins has rejoined the ‘bolts.

Ogre (actually Techno is disguise) used the dermaplasty procedure to alter Jenkins’ looks, but the procedure was not entirely successful. They had intended to make Jenkins’ skin swarthier, but ended up turning it black. Ogre then altered Jenkins’ hair and facial structure to match. Songbird is quite upset by this change, which is contributing to the trouble Jenkins’ is having adjusting to the prejudice he is encountering as a black man.

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