Conrad Josten

Fighting Good
Agility Incredible
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 100
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity 0




Body Suit: Conrad’s suit is powered by dark force, allowing him various powers stunts:
Elongation: By using the darkforce, Conrad can add it to his limbs, elongating them with Remarkable ability.
Emit darkforce energy capable of inflicting Remarkable damage
Plasticity: Remarkable
Stealth: hide within shadows at Incredible ability
Body Armor: -5CS damage from blunt attacks due to the nature of the suits power.
Dimensional Travel: by slipping into a “darkforce fold” Conrad may travel dimensions or teleport with Amazing ability. This requires shadows or darkness






Conrad Josten is the younger brother of Erik Josten, Atlas of the Thunderbolts. Conrad left his family after his brother’s criminal career devested the family farm. Conrad got himself into some illegal dealings as he struggled to make a living, and ended up becoming a thief. He was sought out by the V-battalion to redeem his brother’s crimes and be pardoned for his own. While Conrad was getting suited up, he saw his brother die on television, and he was glad that he was gone because of all the trouble he had caused.

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