Jalome Beacher

Fighting Good
Agility Incredible
Strength Good
Endurance Good
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 70
Karma 36
Resources Good
Popularity -1


Non Stick Coating: Slydes costume is covered with an experimental non stick substance. The coating provides Monstrous protection against grappling and ensnarement attacks. It also offers Good protection against physical attacks unless a bullseye is indicated, in which case the protection drops to Poor.
Running: Slyde can use his frictionless shoes to run/slide at a Good land speed.






Jarome Beacher was a talented chemical engineer in the design and development laboratory of Beemont Manufacturing who created a chemical coating that could eliminate all friction between an object and any surface. Beacher was about to unveil his discovery when Beemont was purchased by a larger organization and a man named Rockwall was placed in charge. The research and development lab was closed and Beacher was fired. He decided to build his own company founded on the non-stick chemical, but discovered that no bank would lend the money needed without a sizeable down payment.

Creating a special uniform coated with the chemical, Beacher could move at high speeds on foot by sliding with extreme maneuverability. He adopted the pseudonym Slyde and set out to steal the money he needed, as well as to force Rockwall out of business. He began by robbing a bank, successfully slipping through the arms of the guards and eluding both the police and Spider-Man. Next Slyde broke into Beemont where he wrecked his old laboratory and narrowly avoided capture. He escaped with a briefcase snatched from Rockwall’s grasp.

When Slyde discovered that the case contained proof that Beemont had become a front for distributing money stolen by a criminal organization, he called the New York district attorney and they set up a “sting” operation to trap Rockwall. Slyde contacted Rockwall, offering to return the evidence in return for a large sum of money. They set up a meeting, and Rockwall in turn hired criminals to set up an ambush. Spider-Man learned of the plan but knew nothing of the police involvement. He arrived on the scene in time to warn Slyde of the danger, and stopped Rockwall’s escape just as the district attorney arrived. At the last minute, Slyde grabbed the ransom money and escaped.

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