Davis Cameron

Fighting Typical
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 66
Karma 26
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Teleportation: Davis has the ability to travel anywhere on earth pretty much instantaneously by generating what he calls the “Warpwave,” a tachyon stream which allows him to slip between dimensions at speeds exceeding that of light itself. He can transport other people with him, but it is up to him to maintain and control the wave. He accomplishes this with Amazing ability. Slipstream is able to mentally manifest a board to “surf” the Warpwave


At present, he finds long-distance travel through the Warpwave very tiring and must make and Endurance FEAT or suffer -1CS on all abilities for 1-10 rounds after exiting.






Davis Cameron’s life as a surfer was interrupted one day when he was wiped out by a great white shark. He was saved by Thunderbird, his sister Heather, and Storm. Storm and Thunderbird had come to Surfer’s Paradise to let Davis and Heather know about the death of Miles Warbeck, the father they never knew, and to warn them that they might be caught in a war between rival crime syndicates vying for power in Sydney, as Warbeck had been head of one of the syndicates. The X-Men were indeed right, and they brought Davis and Heather back to Sydney where the X-Men restored order. In the process, Heather learned that she was a mutant.

Not long afterward, Heather and Gambit were kidnapped by Shaitan, an otherdimensional being in the employ of Khan, a conquerer of multiple dimensions. As Davis and the X-Men worked to develop a plan of action, Sage informed Davis that he possessed mutant genes like his sister, except that his were latent. Sage possessed the ability to trigger those latent genes into an active state. Davis decided, despite objections from some of the X-Men, to accept Sage’s offer. He used his new-found powers to transport the team to Madripoor, where Shaitan had taken Heather and Gambit, and where the X-Men took a stand against Khan and his invading army. At first Davis, who lacked combat experience, stayed clear of the battle, but as the situation grew more desperate he joined in. He quickly found that life as a costumed adventurer was not what he dreamed it would be. He tried to save Rogue from Vargas, who arrived in the midst of the battle with the invaders, but Vargas seriously wounded him and Davis was unable to prevent the deaths of Rogue and Gambit.

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